Interview With The Witch

'Raven Woman', by Raven.

Duncan talks with Raven, an eclectic witch, about the influence on her life of paranormal experiences and Spiritualism.

childhood experiences • Raven’s astral-projecting mother • curse of the Toby jugs • head of a white horse • Roman remains • visits from spirits • a room shunned by pets • choked by a ghost • yoga and a first out-of-body experience • a grounding in the Spiritualist Church • Raven the weirdo magnet • trance mediums and channelling • ‘the nine who are one’ • dead people and psychic links • astounding mediums (and wannabes) • Raven’s first reading from a Spiritualist • why Christians can’t do death • why the Spiritualists have death sorted • rescue work and the cold zone • ‘I am a sceptic!’ • alien abduction is 95% bollocks • Betty and Barney Hill • Roswell • Spiritualist healing: cheaper than Reiki • the joy of hauntings • an astral rottweiler • the containing function of ritual • a haunted attic • invasion of the paranormal • a bodily reflex • ‘I’m not clairvoyant’ • fight or flight • is spirit ‘objectively real’? • this pathetic shell • magicians as ‘crime-scene witnesses’ • putting a handle on ‘the other’

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