The Tempe Working

The Baptists chat with an astral representative of The Great White Brotherhood

Sunday 15th June. AM. Temple banished with LBRP. Incense of Abramelin burning on the altar. Alan calls upon the Great White Brotherhood with an ad hoc invocation. Duncan enters trance.

DUNCAN: A strong sense of presence. An impression of gleaming white robes. What is your name?

SPIRIT: Tempe.

['Tempe' = 23 = 'King' (i.e. enlightened). Also, in reference to time, 'Damned' and 'Fallen' (consciousness becoming temporal?). The Vale of Tempe in Greek poetry is a favourite haunt of Apollo and the Muses. It was home to Aristaeus, son of Apollo and Cyrene, where he chased Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, who, in her flight, was bitten by a serpent and died.]

ALAN: Can I address him directly?

TEMPE: 24. The Greek letter, psi (ψ).

[24 = 'Kings' (i.e. the body of enlightened beings, the A∴A∴). ψ is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. 'Tempe' = 23. Tempe giving 24, when his name equates to 23, is a means of announcing himself as a representative of the brotherhood.]

ALAN: Tempe, do you represent the Great White Brotherhood?

TEMPE: The word 'ASTRAL'. The symbol of an A surmounted by a circle.

ALAN: What does this symbol mean?

TEMPE: Psi (ψ).

['Psi' = 17 = 'Astral'. His presentation of the letter Psi followed by the word 'astral' demonstrates a knowledge of the English Qaballah. Tempe is thus an astral representative of the body of enlightened beings. ψ (in the Greek alphabet) = 23 = 'Tempe', so we are to take the symbol of 'an A surmounted by a circle' as Tempe's seal or sigil.]

The Sigil of Tempe.

DUNCAN: He holds a book and a crucifix. It is a book of tables. The one I can see is six squares by six.

[The 6 x 6 table is the magic square of the sun. The sphere of the Sun is the sixth emanation (Tiphereth) from the pure essence of God. To express this concept mathematically the square is composed of 36 squares (6 x 6). The numbers 1 to 36 are then arranged in a balanced way so that every row and every column add to the same number. That number is 111, and the sum of all the squares is 666.]

ALAN: Are these the answer to my question?

DUNCAN: I think so.

ALAN: What is the title of the book?

TEMPE: Lemegeton.

ALAN: Is it a specific page?

DUNCAN: The cross is in his right hand, the book in the left. The number of the book is 16. The cross is 23.

['Lemegeton' = 42 = 'knowledge', 'brothers', 'initiate', 'enochian'. 16 = 'Book', 'Magus', 'Camel', 'Kamael'. 'Crucifix' = 48 = 'Meditation', 'Illuminati', 'six six six'. 23 = 'Tempe'. Tempe is here represented by the crucifix, Alan (Frater Kamael) by the book. If Alan is the book, he is also 666 (as is Tempe, in a more circuitous fashion). Is Tempe here also announcing himself as a Right-Hand path magician, Alan as Left-Hand path?]

ALAN: Do you have anything to tell us?

DUNCAN: He's showing me your mala beads, with the skulls. One of the faces on the beads is different from all the others. It's upside down.

ALAN: What does that mean?

[The bead represents Alan, as revealed more explicitly later.]

TEMPE: The signs of Taurus and Aries.

DUNCAN: This is related to the beads…

TEMPE: A man wearing a laurel wreath. A king or caesar.

DUNCAN: When you travel you'll meet someone. This information is connected to that meeting.

ALAN: A member of the White Brotherhood?

TEMPE: 'The Ides of March'. A snake bracelet (or some form of adornment, perhaps a ring). A twisted snake, zig-zagged. Jovial, welcoming, and dressed in white. He has the number 60.

DUNCAN: I think the zodiacal signs have something to do with this: it's a date in March.

[Aries: March 21st to April 19th; Taurus: April 20th to May 20th. 'Laurel' and 'Ides of March' are both references to Caesar. The Ides of March occurs on March 15th, a Roman festival dedicated to Mars. A caesar or king dressed in white indicates an enlightened White Brother. 60 = 'Hierophant'. Summary: Alan will meet a Heirophantic White Brother in mid-March next year, and perhaps keep his company until mid May.]

ALAN: Why do I need to know this?

TEMPE: A right-angle, like a backwards-7. A swastika turning to the right.

DUNCAN: The meeting with this person represents 'a departure at right-angles', taking a new direction.

ALAN: Should I take a new direction?

TEMPE: A boat or a plane. A sunset. His number is 60 or 61. A butterfly.

DUNCAN: There is a good feeling about this. Is the butterfly 'psi', the soul? The number of psi is 14.

[The swastika represents involution, and thus spiritual development. 60 = Hierophant. 61 = 'concentration', 'supreme ritual', 'thirty nine' (39 = 'Abrahadabra', which is the supreme ritual too). 'Butterfly' = 39 = abrahadabra. The butterfly is the traditional symbol of Psyche (ψυχη), the soul. 14 = 'Khabs'. By asserting that the number of 'psi' (or psyche, ψυχη) is 14, Tempe is pointing to the union of Khabs and Khu (very roughly: 'corporeality' and 'essence') as the supreme ritual.]

ALAN: Can I ask you about my vision of LIN, the 22nd Aethyr?

TEMPE: A demon.

ALAN: Was my vision of The Adversary?

TEMPE: Crossed swords. A mouth eating something.

DUNCAN: It's like a Happy Eater logo. Something nasty, corporate, plastic about this…

ALAN: What is its number?

TEMPE: 18.

ALAN: Can you give me its name?

TEMPE [to Alan]: Your vision of the squid is a clue to its name.

[This refers to Alan's vision of the 22nd Aethyr. 'Squid' = 25 = 'devil', 'wrath'.]

ALAN: Is it The Great Old Ones?

TEMPE: Aquatic monsters. The Loch Ness Monster.

DUNCAN: This isn't literal. It feels like a pun.

ALAN: Can you spell out the name?


ALAN: What is its number?

TEMPE: 17.

DUNCAN: This doesn't feel clear…

['NONE' = 21 = 'Saturn', 'evil', 'moon', 'luna', 'fear', 'Anubis'. 17 = 'astral'. Perhaps NONE is an astral force? Tempe's opposite number?]

ALAN: Is NONE the name of one adversary, or all of them?

TEMPE: A sea creature with many heads.

ALAN: That means it's collective. Is NONE the force behind the Black Brotherhood?

TEMPE: A fighter-pilot with a blacked-out visor. No face.

ALAN: That's a 'yes' then. Are there existing bodies of magicians that work as Black Brothers in the sense that Duncan and I work as The White Brotherhood?

TEMPE [the runes]: TIR. ISA. RAIDHO.

ALAN: Does this mean that they are runic magicians? The Black Brotherhood are runic magicians?

DUNCAN: There is some more information to be gained from this…

TEMPE [a rune]: SIGEL. [Added to the end of the previous sequence.]


[TIR represents extreme motivation. ISA is stasis. RAIDHO is movement or a journey. SIGEL represents power and self-centredness. This is an extremely concise algorithm for the making of a Black Brother – extreme motivation turned backwards onto the self forming delusions of power.]

ALAN: What is the number of the sequence?

TEMPE: 44.

[44 = 'disappear', 'lust of result', 'sufferer'.]

ALAN: Will we have to do magical battle with the Black Brotherhood?

TEMPE: A crystal skull. A struggle inside it between purple light and darkness.

[Purple light is Thelemic, and represents the White Brotherhood. The darkness is the Black Brotherhood.]

ALAN: Does that mean the battle will be fought in the heads of people on this planet?

TEMPE: The mala beads.

DUNCAN: There is something special about one of the beads…

TEMPE: The oroboros.

DUNCAN: The symbol of the White Brotherhood is the beads. The symbol of the Black Brotherhood is the oroboros. One bead is separate from the rest, divided on the right-hand side.

[The oroboros is self-consuming.] 

ALAN: Does the different bead represent a person?

TEMPE: The bead changes from a skull to a living person.

ALAN: Who is it?

DUNCAN: I think it's you, Alan.

ALAN: Oh fuck.

TEMPE: 54.

[54 = 'Ankh-af-na-khonsu', 'instruction', 'Ra Hoor Khuit'.]

TEMPE: The symbol of The Tao. The yin and the yang separate and move in the same direction.

DUNCAN: This is bad, because one side is moving in the wrong direction. It is not clear which side…

ALAN: Does this mean that one side is winning?

DUNCAN: [Laughs.] From where Tempe sits it's not about 'winning' but operating in the correct way. One of the sides is not operating in the correct way.

ALAN: What will be the result of this?

DUNCAN: He's giving me answers before you ask the questions!

TEMPE: Sunrise over the earth. Intense light over the whole planet.

ALAN: Is this bad?

DUNCAN: Doesn't seem so…

[The intense sunlight is perhaps an allusion to the infantile belief that 2012 will herald a solar radiation extinction event. In other words, this is a symbol for the promulgation of false belief, or confusion of the planes.]

ALAN: Must something be done to move things in the right direction?

TEMPE: A cathedral is being built. A combination of all architectures: a mosque, an Indian temple…

ALAN: Does this mean we must combine the teachings? The One tradition?

TEMPE: The hare.

DUNCAN: This is some sort of archetype…

TEMPE: 23. 26.

Three Hares

[The composite religious building represents the perennial philosophy. 'Hare' = 23. 26 = 'magick', 'mystic', 'to know'. The hare in African folk tales is a trickster; many cultures see a hare in the pattern of dark patches in the moon. Recent research has followed the history and migration of a symbolic image of three hares with conjoined ears. In this image, three hares are seen chasing each other in a circle with their heads near its centre. While each of the animals appears to have two ears, only three ears are depicted. The ears form a triangle at the centre of the circle (cf. Tempe's sigil). The image has been traced from Christian churches in the English county of Devon right back along the Silk Road to China, via Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It is possible that even before its appearance in China it was actually first depicted in the Middle East before being re-imported centuries later. Its use has been found associated with Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist sites stretching back to about 600 CE (cf. the 'composite building' used by Tempe to symbolise unity of the teachings).]

DUNCAN: It feels like some kind of underworld experience. The answer to your next question is here!

ALAN: What is it?

DUNCAN: I'm not saying. Had you thought of a next question?

ALAN: Yes.

TEMPE: A comet. A celestial message.

ALAN: My question was: 'Does it represent regeneration?' So is this what needs to be done to ensure both sides work in the proper fashion?

DUNCAN: I'm getting a sense of harmony. The building is a kind of academy. Utopian. I'm standing back from this, a bit, but Tempe is really sincere. The comet was moving 'backwards' from right to left. I take this to mean going back into the past.

[We are to look to the past for the answer.]

ALAN: Are we currently going in the right direction?

TEMPE: Greek columns. Greek architecture.

ALAN: Is this related to our recent Platonic work?

TEMPE [to Duncan]: Athena. You must take your work with Athena further.

[Greek columns suggest the foundation of the Western tradition.]

ALAN: The Black Brotherhood and White Brotherhood are currently out of balance.

TEMPE: The Black Brotherhood and The White Brotherhood both have auras. The aura of the WB has too much black in it, and the aura of the The Black Brotherhood has too much white in it.

DUNCAN: I don't understand what sort of balance Tempe is talking about. It's clear to him, but not to me. It's as if there is an etheric and physical body and they have to be brought into balance. But I can't tell if the black brothers need white auras, or black, or what…

ALAN: Is he saying that the A∴A∴ has a physical body, and the The Black Brotherhood, but their etheric bodies are out of sync? The etheric body is not reflecting the physical body of the A∴A and the same for the The Black Brotherhood?

DUNCAN: But they're mixed up in each other. For one to be all white and the other to be all black simply locks them into division. That's not right either.

ALAN: What is the solution, Tempe?

TEMPE: A quaternity. Four quadrants. No colour and no identity to any of them

ALAN: That's the solution? Does that reflect emptiness?

TEMPE: There is no solution in duality.

ALAN: Are there people in the Black Brotherhood working to correct the balance?

DUNCAN: I don't understand what he's sending…

TEMPE: Frogs. Pond life. Spawn. 25.

[25 = 'folly', 'devil', 'silent', 'wrath', 'pity'.]

ALAN: It seems pretty clear to me!

DUNCAN: The next answer is here.

TEMPE: Solar radiation. Sunspots.

ALAN: I was going to ask where the battle would take place. This is obviously related to presenting the correct facts about things, my recent argument with an imbecile Voudon priest, and confusing the planes.

TEMPE: Solar flares. Solar storms.

ALAN: Is this metaphorical?

TEMPE: The flares are angels.

DUNCAN: So it can't be literal, then.

[Angels indicate thoughts and illustration. Solar radiation is metaphor, again a reference to confusing the planes and false belief.]

ALAN: Can you tell us anything about the Peak Oil crisis?

TEMPE: Earth and Jupiter combine. Earth becomes a small Jupiter.

[Cf. Rudolf Steiner: 'Earth will then be transmuted into the Jupiter condition. In Jupiter what we now call the mineral kingdom will exist no longer; the forces of this kingdom will have been changed into plant-like forces. Thus upon Jupiter the vegetable kingdom, though in a very different form, will be the lowest. Above it will be the animal kingdom, likewise considerably altered, and then a human kingdom, recognizable as the spiritual descendants of the bad humanity originating upon Earth. Lastly, the descendants of the good humanity will constitute a human kingdom on a higher level. This is the human kingdom proper, and a great part of its work will be to influence and ennoble the souls who have fallen into the other group, so that they may yet gain entrance to it.' Occult Science, chapter VI. Also, Gurdjieff proposed the idea of the progressive development of celestial bodies (i.e. planet into gas giant into star). Curiously, it has been discovered that Jupiter emits more heat than it absorbs…]

ALAN: Is that a natural progression?

TEMPE: A black helicopter, flying through Jupiter's atmosphere.

[It's not clear what this reference to The Black Brotherhood means. Have they caused a toxic atmosphere? Or is Peak Oil a con?]

ALAN: Can you tell us anything about global warming?

TEMPE: Water and no land. A black helicopter combined with a boat. The faceless fighter-pilot is at the controls.

[Rising sea levels? Again, is this something they have caused, or is it a con?]

ALAN: Is Peak Oil and Global Warming a plan of The Black Brotherhood?

TEMPE: Satellites beaming something onto the earth.

DUNCAN: It's not aliens!

ALAN: [Laughs.] I hadn't even formulated the question, but aliens had just popped into my head!

TEMPE: The squid.

DUNCAN: I'm getting tired…

ALAN: One more question…

DUNCAN: Do you want the answer now?

ALAN: Yes.

TEMPE: A fish that is ill. Poisoned, or hasn't been formed correctly.

ALAN: Does it represent Pisces? My question was about 2012…

TEMPE: It's not dead.

DUNCAN: Either it has been environmentally poisoned, or it never developed correctly. There is a sense here that both of these alternatives are attacks. It has been attacked from outside and from within.

ALAN: Is the fish the New Age movement?

DUNCAN: I can't say.

TEMPE: Yemen.

DUNCAN: The fish is connected with The Yemen in some sense. 2012.

TEMPE: 44.

Fish in Yemen

[44 = 'Thelemites', 'prophet', 'sufferer'. 'Fish' = 24 = 'truth', 'word'. 'Fish', in Latin, is 'ichthys' (transliterated from Greek). In English 'ichthys' refers to a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish, said to have been used by early Christians as a secret symbol. Googling for 'Yemen fish' leads to the image shown, which is similar to the ichthys. A reference to Christ helps explain why Tempe appears with a crucifix in his right hand. Perhaps he is pointing us to the ichthys to suggest how the truth or word (as presented by the Christ) has been firstly ill-conceived and then intentionally degenerated. (Christianity arrived in Yemen with the British Empire, and is now almost completely extinct.) 2012 is not simply an ecological crisis, but will also be a metaphysical ordeal for humanity.]

ALAN: One more question?

DUNCAN: There is already an answer, but it's a strange one. Something to do with the moon…

TEMPE: A spoon. The moon.

DUNCAN: It's some kind of structure. I'll have to interpret the answer…

ALAN: Is there a plan concerning 2012 by The Black Brotherhood, which will come to fruition?

TEMPE: War machines. Tripods from War of the Worlds.

DUNCAN: The 'spoon' is a tool for taking something from the moon.

ALAN: Food from the moon?

DUNCAN: We can reach out and take food from the moon. It's a positive thing. The tripods are a negative thing. The spoon is something The White Brotherhood would use.

ALAN: A symbol of regeneration?

DUNCAN: Who knows? It's obviously non-literal.

TEMPE: Healing lunar light. 34.

[Moon and spoon are representative of consuming, healing Yin energy. 34 = 'pleasure', 'purple', 'mother', 'beautiful', 'vision', 'flower'.]

ALAN: What is the number of the tripods?

TEMPE: 14. 18.

[14 = 'slave'. 18 = 'play'. Is this a hoax, meant to enslave us?]

ALAN: Are they literal?

DUNCAN: They certainly seem something to do with machines…

ALAN: Will it be an alien hoax?

TEMPE: The faceless fighter-pilot.

ALAN: Anything else to tell us?

TEMPE: The man you will meet…

DUNCAN: That's weird. In your vision of LIN you saw a gnome with a pineapple. That was the equivalent in your vision – it's the same person. The one you're going to meet.

['Gnome' = 27 = 'Horus', 'child', 'servant'. 'Pineapple' = 49 = 'fruition', 'dissolution'. Will this man provide the means to enlightenment?]

DUNCAN: Tempe is leaving.

ALAN: Can we contact you again, Tempe?

TEMPE: Yes. But it is to be regarded as a major thing when you do.

ALAN: So that's only on special occasions, then?

DUNCAN: That's a 'yes'.

Temple closed without banishment.