The Tempe Working – Part Two

The baptists chat with an astral representative of the A∴A∴, with whom they first made contact in June, 2008.

[The temple is banished with The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Incense of Abramelin burns on the altar. Alan delivers an ad hoc invocation. Duncan enters trance, seated, holding a staff supported across his forearms, elbows bent.]

ALAN: Will you speak with us?

[The rune NIED (reversed). Alan repeats the invocation. Silence. No reply. NIED indicates setting off on the wrong path and that to continue in the same manner will result in failure.]

A plate of Tempeh

ALAN: If we are doing anything incorrectly, can you let us know what it is?

[No reply.]

ALAN: If it's improper to talk with Tempe at the present time, can we please speak with another astral representative of the A∴A∴?

[A spider, grown from the letter M.]

DUNCAN: It's not a rune.

ALAN: Should we communicate with you in a different physical location?

[Long silence. No reply.]

ALAN: Can you see anything, Duncan?

DUNCAN: I'm in a deep trance state. My heart chakra opened and there was a strong sense of presence.

ALAN: I felt that too.

DUNCAN: But it has faded. There was a vision of a man, in white robes, holding a trident. Are we talking to someone other than Tempe?

[Long silence. No reply.]

DUNCAN: The trance state has returned.

ALAN: Are you to communicate through me instead of Duncan?


ALAN: I get the sense 'yes'. Is this what NIED referred to?


ALAN: I'm trancing out.

DUNCAN: Tempe, are you communicating with us through Alan?

[Long silence.]

ALAN: I'm off my box! [Silence.] We wish to speak with an astral representative of the A∴A∴ Is this the wrong time? Can you communicate through Duncan, please? [Long silence.] Are you getting anything, Duncan?

DUNCAN: Yeah. I'm being told not to be afraid, and to just open myself to it.

TEMPE: It's really easy. Just ask.

ALAN: Ok. Who am I?

TEMPE: A head on a platter made of a fountain of white light.

ALAN: Who is Duncan?

DUNCAN: I'm feeling distracted because the wand in my arms is moving!

ALAN: Shall I take it away?

DUNCAN: No. It's okay.

ALAN: Do I need to repeat the question?


ALAN: Who is Duncan?

DUNCAN: The wand keeps moving every time you say it!

ALAN: Who is Duncan?

TEMPE: The wand. The snake. The eye in the pyramid.

ALAN: Who am I speaking with?

[Tempe's sigil appears.]

ALAN: Am I correct regarding 'The Octopus'?

TEMPE: A procession of people. A geneaological chart, showing a process going back through time. A bloodline. You haven't taken this into account.

ALAN: Am I correct regarding the nature of the Black Brother?

TEMPE: The chariot of God. The Merkavah. The vehicle or throne of God.

ALAN: How does that relate to my article on the Black Brother?

TEMPE: Unstoppable vehicle.

[Have I failed to note the 'unstoppable' nature of the Black Brother?]

ALAN: Am I correct in my article 'Unreasonable Foresight'?

TEMPE: An energy biding its time. It is not manifesting or going in a particular direction yet.

ALAN: Is it potential energy?


ALAN: So that means the idea of a faked alien invasion and a false messiah are not for definite?

TEMPE: Snake-shaped tendrils dart out from the energy, then they retreat, as if not willing to commit themselves.

[This brings in to question the difficulty of accepting any prediction of real-world events. From Tempe's answer I am to treat the events outlined in Unreasonable Foresight as embryonic.]

ALAN: Okay. How are we best to prepare for the faked alien invasion?

TEMPE: The tarot card: THE SUN.

[Enjoy life! Concentrate on the positive and look for its realisation.]

ALAN: Will society as we know it collapse before 2012?

TEMPE: The tarot card: THE TOWER. A scarab beetle.

[The Tower indicates collapse of the system. The beetle: regeneration.]

ALAN: When?

DUNCAN: That M I saw earlier, I think it was an astrological symbol… It's the answer to this question.

TEMPE: The symbol for Aquarius.

[The Sun is in Aquarius roughly from January 20 to February 18.]

ALAN: Can you show us the actual year? The number?

TEMPE: Omega. 46.

[Omega means 'last'. Does Tempe mean the collapse has already begun, occurring sometime last year (2007)? 46 = 'twenty seven' in English Qaballah. 'Twenty seven' (just like 'twenty twelve') can mean 20 and 07, or 2007. If Aquarius signifies late January and early February, is Tempe referring to the sub-prime mortgage credit crunch that began in February 2007?]

ALAN: Will there be a big die-off of the human species as a result of this?


DUNCAN: I wouldn't say he doesn't like that question, but he doesn't seem to be bothered answering it.

ALAN: Because he has already?

DUNCAN: I can't tell.

ALAN: How long will the alien invasion last?

TEMPE: The rune ANSUZ.

ALAN [Consults rune book]: 'Mouth. Spoken word. Taking advice and acquiring wisdom. Fear should be put aside, for it indicates the ability to sail through with ease whatever arises.' Okay. That's clear. How is the false messiah connected with the aliens?

TEMPE: A head on a stick being made to talk.

DUNCAN: It has a kind of Aztec look… Does Quetzlcoatl look like 'a head on a stick'?

ALAN: No – he's a plumed serpent. Do we already know who the fake messiah is?

TEMPE: This person is imprisoned at the moment.

ALAN: What is the final aim of their plan?

TEMPE: The sign of the fish.

ALAN: The fish represents the messiah?

TEMPE: Yes. [Pause]. 555.

ALAN [exc
]: Fucking hell! [He has just looked at the clock, which is outside Duncan's line of sight. The time at that moment was 5:55pm.]

DUNCAN: He's not happy with these questions.

ALAN: Okay. That's the last of the questions related to the predictions, anyway… When should I set up The Order?

TEMPE: Tunnels. At the end is something nasty.

ALAN: Something nasty in the tunnel, or at the end?

TEMPE: At the end.

[Long silence.]

DUNCAN: There's a message for you [Alan] here.

TEMPE: Something nasty at the end of the tunnel. You are with someone. An older figure. Near water or on a boat. It is positive. 33.

[33 = blessing, Buddhist, Indian, order. Tempe is again discussing the 'gnome with a pineapple' from my previous vision and our first communication.]

ALAN: Will the man on the boat help me set up The Order?

TEMPE: The symbol of the A∴A∴. 1792. 1813 or 1830.

DUNCAN: These are latitude and longitude! Some sort of coordinates.

[The man is not necessarily concerned with my setting up a magical order, but he is a White Brother. Lat = 17, Long = 92 is the Bay of Bengal, just off the coast of Burma. Lat = 18, Long = 13 is Niger, but with Long = 30 we get Sudan, just off the border of Egypt. This is quite mind-blowing to say the least! After travelling India I plan to visit Thailand; however, there is no direct flight to Bangkok from Kolkata. I was planning to travel back to Mumbai, but will I be offered passage across the bay?My trip is ending in Egypt.]

ALAN: Is there anything else you have to tell me regarding this, Tempe?

TEMPE: Caesar. 5. V.

ALAN: After my travels, will that be a good time to set up The Order?

TEMPE: Not interested.

DUNCAN: He's more concerned with what's going to happen to you. That's what he's been talking about.

ALAN: When I meet the guy on the boat? Can you give us more information about that?

TEMPE: The boat is connected with a bird. A swallow.

DUNCAN: Could be the name of the boat… I feel there's something he thinks is more important than this. There's something he wants us to do, or wants to do for us.

ALAN: What is it?

DUNCAN: Are you feeling trancey?

ALAN: Is that what he wants to do for us?

DUNCAN: I think so.

ALAN: Fair enough.

[Long silence as both baptists enter deep trance.]

ALAN: Duncan, I've just been trancing my tits off. Is it okay to ask some more questions now?

DUNCAN: Did you see lots of white light?

ALAN: Yeah. It was very intense, but spacey and peaceful.

DUNCAN: Did you see any visions?

ALAN: No. Did you?

DUNCAN: Yeah. I saw a building that housed lots of different people. Everyone was given a place in this building. Tempe was building it – or whomever. Very utopian.

ALAN: I suppose that [trance] does beat any shitty questions I've got. There's a place for everyone?

DUNCAN: Yeah. But a sense also that everyone is obliged to get along with everyone else.

ALAN: Everyone, and not just some?


ALAN: Shall I try asking some more questions?

DUNCAN: If you want.

ALAN: Is S3 the right name?


DUNCAN: Does that mean anything?

ALAN: No. Is it a joke?

TEMPE: A slice of Battenburg cake!

DUNCAN: Does he mean 2 squared, or four, or something?


DUNCAN: What's S3?

ALAN: S.S.S.: Servants of the Star and the Snake. Anything else?


ALAN: Am I correct in terms of the book on Thelema that I'm currently writing?

TEMPE: A snail, moving very slowly. Covering ground. Measuring its progress.

ALAN: Does it need to move faster?

TEMPE: Nothing negative.

ALAN: When will the opening of the grade of Ipsissimus occur for me?

[This is the Buddhist trance nerodhi samapatti.]

TEMPE: O or Q or zero. 32. October.

ALAN: October this year?

Figure X

DUNCAN: He has just given me a very weird symbol that looks familiar. It's like the symbol for Saturn. Something to do with alchemy, maybe? A cross at the top, and a rounded body. A closed figure, like a crowned glyph.

[This symbol has proved untraceable so far. It resembles the German character ß (Eszett) surmounted by a cross. (See Figure X.)]

ALAN: What about Duncan?

TEMPE: A honey bee.

ALAN: Does that mean Spring?

TEMPE: A dart. A lance.

[Duncan meditates three times as much as Alan does; he's an industrious 'worker' and as such nerodhi will happen quickly.]

ALAN: What is the answer to the riddle in The Book of the Law II: 76?

[Note that I did not give the actual riddle itself. This is the passage in question: '76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet?…']

TEMPE: An entity. A combination of gods. A pantheon, but combined into one figure. Much planning, secrecy and effort has gone into its completion. They are perfectly balanced. It is like a machine.

ALAN: What is its purpose?

TEMPE: It is the concentration of immense power.

ALAN: Is it a barbarous word to be used in ritual?

TEMPE: Many gods rolled into one.

ALAN: Is there a way of unlocking the letters and numbers so that they form the names of these gods?

TEMPE: The letters are to be placed on a menorah, or the Tree of Life. A menorah with nine branches.

ALAN: By dividing them into those sections, will it spell the names of those gods?

TEMPE: The person responsible for the word lived centuries ago.

DUNCAN: It seems to be the Seventeenth Century…

ALAN: The author of the Stenographia?

DUNCAN: He looks like a Puritan. But I don't know what a Puritan would want to have to do with this.

ALAN: Can we have a name, Tempe?

TEMPE: Stephen. Stebson.

DUNCAN: I wouldn't trust that too much!

[Puritan John Milton wrote in cipher in the Seventeenth century. This requires further investigation.]

ALAN: What does verse 73 of chapter three of The Book of the Law mean? What are we to do with that command?

[Again, I did not give the actual passage, which is: 'III: 73. Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!']

: When someone is blind it is easy to characterise this as 'darkness'. But 'darkness' implies an absence of light. The true meaning of this passage is to see at a deeper level. Blindness is not the absence of sight; the question of sight does not arise. This talk of 'blindness' is just an example of the principle at stake. The meaning of the passage must be grasped at a level below that which apprehends it in terms of a negation.

ALAN: What is that deeper meaning?

TEMPE: Life and the nature of being human. Discovering the essence of the human.

ALAN: What is the key of it all?

TEMPE: The symbol for Gemini.

[Temple Gemini is the name for our two-man operation.]

DUNCAN: He's kidding us, I think!

TEMPE: 32.

ALAN: Not 31?

[31 = Frater Achad's 'key'.]


ALAN: Is our work in any way related to the prophecy of the one that would come after Crowley in The Book of the Law?

TEMPE: Plants. Bulbs. They flower and die. You see no trace, yet they return the next year.

ALAN: Does that represent work we've done in the past?

TEMPE: A monk.

DUNCAN: He's not happy with the way he's communicating. I think the difficulty at the beginning was due to him trying to find a better way.

ALAN: Okay. Tempe can you tell us the best way to communicate with you?

TEMPE: A golem.

ALAN: Do we need to make a physical representation of him?

TEMPE: Energy being poured into a cauldron and swirling around.

DUNCAN: I think he wants a more immediate medium.

ALAN: Like runes or the tarot?

DUNCAN: Or possession… I felt weird when we first started.

ALAN: So did I. Tempe, next time would you like to possess Duncan in order to communicate?

TEMPE: An unmanned surveillance drone under remote control.

ALAN: Are you okay to continue?

DUNCAN: I could use a rest.

ALAN: Because I was going to say maybe Tempe would like to try possessing you right now?

DUNCAN: I'll give it a go. I can feel him trying already.


DUNCAN: Lots of white light. Big trance-out. My throat chakra is kicking off something massive. Strong sense of presence, but I'm still me, although I'm trying not to be.

ALAN: Just relax, and when I ask questions let answers come out of your gob.

DUNCAN: All right. I can see him really closely, and am getting a strong sense of his personality.

ALAN: What's his personality like?

DUNCAN: You'd be surprised.

ALAN: Tempe? Can you communicate through Duncan?

TEMPE: We shall try.

ALAN [laughs]: What did you do to me and Duncan earlier?

TEMPE: Pressed some buttons.

ALAN: What buttons did you press?

TEMPE: The anterior and the posterior.

ALAN [laughs]: What did that do for us?


DUNCAN: This isn't feeling quite right. I'm having a massive trance-out.

ALAN: Just relax again. I'll ask him some more questions.

DUNCAN: There's a real sense of personality, though.

ALAN: Yes, I got that too. Tempe, is there anything we need to do to make your manifestation better?


ALAN: Tempe, feel free to speak through Duncan. Where are you from?


ALAN: Tempe, are you there?

DUNCAN: It's not happening.

ALAN: Aw, bollocks. Why is it not happening?

DUNCAN: It's still interpretation. It's like I can't get beyond getting symbols all the time. Even when I put it into words, it's still interpretation.

ALAN: Would he get on better if he tried to possess me?

DUNCAN: Give it a try.

ALAN: I need a piss. I can stay here, though – I don't have to move, do I?

DUNCAN: What? And have a piss?

ALAN: No. I mean sit over here, where I am. Shall we try?


ALAN: Why don't you try and speak through me, Tempe? [Silence.] I'm getting a bizarre swaying sensation!

DUNCAN: Are you there, Tempe?


DUNCAN: You're speaking through Alan?

TEMPE: I speak through Alan. The wheel revolves eastwards and westwards unto the City of Light where Goodness dwells. Upon the chariots of burning flames, the keepers and the key, where sentients believe. The castle's upon high. A moment's release.

[Inaction on Duncan's part.]

ALAN: Ask questions, Duncan!

DUNCAN: Tempe, what we've received from you today, was it received correctly?

TEMPE: Incorrectly. The mode was wrong.

DUNCAN: Should we write it all off, or are there bits we should keep?

TEMPE: Difficult to breathe.

ALAN: I get the sense it's not a write-off.

DUNCAN: Tempe, when you say it's difficult to breathe do you mean it's difficult to express yourself?

TEMPE: Yes, through Alan, but not through you.

DUNCAN: So were the parts of the message that were received through me – …

TEMPE: Here I come.

ALAN: I can see the tarot card THE EMPEROR. No, it's THE HIEROPHANT.

TEMPE: The hierophantic task is beholden. Time is unending. By now you should see that, can't you? Who is here to moan about the Truth? Not me. Nor you. The matter of fact I come to speak. Don't you see me, Duncan? Speak!

[Digital alarm clock near the altar unexpectedly goes off at this moment. Duncan stops it.]

DUNCAN: I can't see you, Tempe!

ALAN: I get the sense he wants you to talk to him, Duncan.

DUNCAN: Do you mind us asking you stuff like this, Tempe?

TEMPE: What is it I have come for but to enlighten you?

DUNCAN: Will these communications lead to enlightenment?

[Silence. Tempe uses Alan's body to reach and touch Duncan.]

TEMPE: Not ready yet.

DUNCAN: You seem to be handing out trance states to us.

TEMPE: Yes. What is it that you wish for?

DUNCAN: Knowledge and truth.

TEMPE: Don't we all?

DUNCAN: Are we going to get it from you, Tempe?

TEMPE: Not likely. There must be a reason for me to be here.

DUNCAN: There were the questions we asked earlier.

TEMPE: Shit.

DUNCAN: All of it?

TEMPE: Some. Not all. The basis is to advance, not to stall and wonder. Perhaps you've heard of me. And this is it. It is done. I'm gone.

ALAN: I can see THE HIEROPHANT again.

DUNCAN: Should we test you, Tempe?

TEMPE: What test can try me?

DUNCAN: Give us a sign.

[Tempe uses Alan's body to give Duncan the two-fingers.]

DUNCAN [laughs]: Is that the sign for Gemini?

ALAN: I get the sense there's no reason for him to be here. I just keep seeing THE HIEROPHANT. Is there anything else we want him for?

DUNCAN: Nope. I'm good.

ALAN: Thanks for coming, Tempe.

DUNCAN: Thanks, Tempe.

ALAN: Still a strong sense of presence.

DUNCAN: Yeah. Are you okay?

ALAN: Yeah. I can still sense him hanging around.

[Temple closed.]

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