The Tempe Working – Part Three

On November 1st, 2008, Alan wondered if it would be prudent to attempt contact again with Tempe, an astral representative of the Great White Brotherhood (considering the balls-up he and Duncan made of it last time). Alan consulted the tarot and drew The Sun. There was no better sign for the baptists to commence.

Third Contact

[Temple banished with IAO. Incense with correspondences to the star-sign Gemini is burning. Alan delivers an ad hoc invocation. Silence. Invokes again. Silence.]

ALAN: Are you getting anything?

DUNCAN: I am. I'm trying to make sense of it.

ALAN: What are you seeing?

TEMPE: Hermes. Relaxing.

DUNCAN: He's leaning against something. Tempe is appearing as Hermes.

[Hermes = Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Gemini, from which the baptists' temple takes its name.]


ALAN: That means 'astral'.

TEMPE: There are three aspects to Geur.

[Geur is Duncan's magical name.]

TEMPE: The first is a roulette table where the stake has been lost and is being taken away. The second is scarred flesh. The third is a circuit or course on a map. These are the three aspects.

ALAN: Losing at gambling… scar tissue… and a race course?

DUNCAN: Yes! How did you know it was a race course?

ALAN: It just sounded like one.

TEMPE: There are three aspects of Kamael.

[Kamael is Alan's magical name.]

TEMPE: Pyramids. An armoured tank. A housefly (a bluebottle).

ALAN: Ask him to explain the fly.

TEMPE: Evolutionary change. Forms of life evolve and the fly is one stage of this. But these life-forms are not evolving in a naturalistic sequence. They are diverted from the natural sequence at an early stage. Forms of life evolve that are non-naturalistic.

DUNCAN: I can see 'non-natural' life-forms: they look like cartoon animations. It's as if I'm seeing a course of evolution that has produced different forms of life – we wouldn't even necessarily recognise them as such. It's tricky; these images are arising as a flow, and I'm plucking at specific ones. So when I said 'pyramids', there was also stuff like 'Egyptian gods'. I'm waiting until the stream of images changes to something quite different before remarking what I see. There was an armoured tank with lots of war symbolism: a military-looking insignia of a hawk, battle charts…

ALAN: A hawk insignia?


Circle into Three

ALAN: A falcon, maybe?

DUNCAN: Could be. It's very stylised. It faces with its beak to the left. And then the housefly, with the notion of insects evolving in a sequence.

ALAN: A new kind of life never seen before?


ALAN: Do these images represent our current position?

TEMPE: The pattern at the centre of a circle divided into three equal portions.

DUNCAN: I'm in a trance-state. The pattern is changing.

TEMPE: The pattern at the centre of a circle divided into six equal portions.

A circle into six.

ALAN: Is it about an increase in complexity?

TEMPE: Three aspects of Geur. Three of Kamael. Six in total.

ALAN: Is this a symbol of our temple?

TEMPE: The letter Gamma. The word Felix.

[Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet and is often used to denote a variable. Felix is Latin for 'happy' or 'lucky'. Is Tempe presenting three variables related to happiness for each baptist?]

ALAN: Do you have any messages for us?

TEMPE: The symbol of the Tao. The yin and yang are curled like foetuses. The line formed where their bodies meet is the profile of an old man. The old man is the Holy Guardian Angel.

ALAN: What is the foetus aspect?

TEMPE: The eternal child.

ALAN: What is 'the eternal child'?

TEMPE: It is the energy. The yin and yang and the old man are parts of the structure.

ALAN: Is this a picture of what a human is?

DUNCAN: He definitely seems to be trying to show me some sort of schema.

Magical schema?


[Perdhro is the fourteenth rune of the Elder Futhark. There is no consensus on a traditional meaning, but it is usually thought to represent mystery or something hidden. It may relate to discovering a hidden aspect to the self.]

DUNCAN: The rune is connected with the schema.

ALAN: A schema for magick?

DUNCAN: Possibly… [Sighs.]

ALAN: What's the matter?

DUNCAN: Emotional stuff. A sense of frustration. The idea that we're not using him properly.

ALAN: Tempe, how are we supposed to use you properly?

TEMPE: A person falling asleep. But as they fall asleep their eyes change into the ever-wakeful eyes of a Tibetan Buddha.

ALAN: The person fell asleep but remained aware?

DUNCAN: They 'fell awake'.

ALAN: Tempe, what do you make of the idea that you sponsor our temples, or that each temple we establish makes a link with an astral representative of the A∴A∴ and uses that representative as a means of introducing new candidates to mystical experience?

TEMPE: Arrowheads moving in different directions. The representatives are waiting for the opportunity. Each arrowhead is a fractal or hologram of a single being.

ALAN: Would his be a good way of using you?

TEMPE: Felix. The sea-horse.

ALAN: A sea-horse?

DUNCAN: The only thing I know about sea-horses is that the males give birth.

ALAN: Okay. Tempe is male, isn't he? So would it be correct procedure for people invited to our temple to make contact with you, and for you to dispense a trance state to them as you did for us?

DUNCAN: I'm experiencing a deep trance state… He wants you to meditate, Alan.

ALAN: Okay.

[The baptists enter trance for several minutes.]

ALAN: Has he gone?

DUNCAN: What do you think? Does it feel like he's gone?

ALAN: Don't know. What are you getting? Do you think he's gone?


ALAN: No more conversation? I wanted to ask him loads more shit! When I ask him questions he gets frustrated; that's not what he's here for, is it? He's here to get people enlightened, but I think in a practical sense. What would happen if we invoked Tempe and meditated? I think that's possibly what he wants.

DUNCAN: There was something going on with all those models he was handing out, wasn't there?

ALAN: You're going to have to draw all those.

DUNCAN: Suppose so.

ALAN: Do you think that when we write up Part Three for the site…

DUNCAN: Is this 'Part Three', then?

ALAN: Yeah – isn't it? We invoked him and he told us some shit. We should put up instructions for people on how to use him.

DUNCAN: Sounds good.

ALAN: He said there are spirits just queuing up to help people.

DUNCAN: Aspects of himself.

ALAN: All people have to do is download the instructions, say the invocation and meditate. It could be a meditation aid.

DUNCAN: We could ask people to tell us if they get results.

ALAN: It seems to be what he wants. When we asked him if we should use him like that, you went into a trance and then he told me to meditate. It's a pretty straightforward answer, isn't it?

Three Hours Later

Alan had been consulting his tarot cards all day, seeking guidance on the magical acts the baptists had planned – such as scrying the Enochian aethyrs with the aid of ketamine (reports to follow). Alan then remembered a method for determining the 'karma' of an individual using the tarot deck (see note, below). Having found the method insightful in the past, he determined to repeat the act and discover Duncan's 'karma'.

The operation is conducted only once. Six cards are determined on the basis of birth date:

  Alan Duncan
The Archetype Card XI Strength VI The Lovers
The Character Card Page of Wands Queen of Cups
The Root Card Ace of Wands Ace of Swords
The Personal Card Six of Wands (Victory) Ten of Swords (Ruin)
The Preceding Personal Card Five of Wands (Strife) Nine of Swords (Cruelty)
The Progressive Personal Card Seven of Wands (Valour) Two of Disks (Change)

The baptists were discussing how uncannily accurate the picture this method supplied of the way in which each of them creates karma. It should be recalled that karma means 'action', and refers to habitual patterns of reaction that arise from a person's fundamental ignorance (or their unenlightened state).

In Duncan's case (Cruelty, Ruin, Change) this takes the form of assuming an overly-critical or negative view of everything, which seeks to bring about change only on the basis of destruction or denial. Alan's karma (Conflict, Victory, Valour) takes the form of viewing the world in terms of challenges, which are mastered by an act of will, but typically culminate in over-ambition.

Whilst the baptists were pondering their cards ('three each'; 'six in total') it suddenly became obvious that the images in Tempe's message were a clear prefiguration – i.e. Cruelty = 'scar tissue'; Ruin = 'losing everything at roulette'; Change = 'the race course' (the two of disks is typically portrayed in a 'figure of eight' pattern); Strife = 'pyramids' (the lofty goals Alan sets himself); Victory = 'battle tank'; Valour = 'evolution on a different course' (the 'over-reaching' in which Alan indulges).

Two of Pentacles or Disks

Having realised this, the baptists' tiny minds were once more well and truly blown – because Tempe had again demonstrated his validity and omniscience, and seemed to suggest that a full understanding of their karma would prove an essential variable in the baptists' attainment of happiness.


The method of divination described is supplied in an appendix, 'Determining Your Tarot Symbols', to Aleister Crowley & J.F.C. Fuller, The Treasure House of Images (Tempe, Arizona: New Falcon, 1994), p.135f. It was published prior to this in Christopher S. Hyatt, The Secrets of Western Tantra (Tempe, Arizona: New Falcon, 1989). And luckily (or unluckily, if you're a beneficiary of the estate of Dr. Hyatt) it also appears in Christopher S. Hyatt & Lon Milo DuQuette, Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot (Tempe, Arizona: New Falcon, 1991), p.55f, which some naughty person has splurged onto the internet for all of us to make use of – although it has by now been reprinted and recycled so many times its authorship must be dubious to say the least. However – the baptists thoroughly recommend that you give the exercise a try, whatever source you choose.