The Tempe Working Explained (Part One)

On the 15th June, 2009, we attempted contact with an astral representative of the Great White Brotherhood, the universal body of enlightened beings. We were successful. On two further occasions the operation was repeated and we communicated with the spirit known as 'Tempe' a total of three times. During each, Tempe made a number of predictions that seemed especially to concern what would occur on Alan's impending trip around the world. Over the course of these workings, and almost in spite of our really stupid questions, it became obvious that Tempe only really cared about one thing: enlightenment.

We provided a commentary to the three workings as they were recorded. Alan even went so far as to write three speculative articles and an additional commentary. At this current time (August, 2009) the majority of the predictions have come to fruition but have thrown a completely different light on those yet to happen. Furthermore, the fulfilment of the prophecies to date has demonstrated just how wrong our previous interpretations of Tempe's predictions were, and just how much bullshit (read: 'insane occult conspiracy') we projected onto some of Tempe's answers.

So, here is the Tempe working explained, with the benefit of more recent events.

The First Working

DUNCAN: I've really been looking forward to you writing this up. The parts of the prophecies that directly concerned me I've already mentioned in passing elsewhere, but most of what Tempe said seemed to be about you, so I'm fascinated to hear how it has come true. Or not. So, come on then: what new light can you shed on the first working?

ALAN: Okay. Well, then: Tempe first appeared to us holding a book and a crucifix. The book contained a table, six squares by six. The name of the book was Lemegeton. The number of the book was 16. The cross was 23.


DUNCAN: This puzzled us at the time…

ALAN: But we worked out that 'book' = 16 = 'camel', 'magus' and 'Kamael' – i.e. my magical name – i.e. me! The cross = 23 = 'Tempe'. So, I am the book and Tempe is the cross. The cross represents the concept of the messiah, which we'll come back to later. The numbers in the six by six table, remember, add up to 666.

DUNCAN: I've never mentioned it before, Alan, but I suppose you've noticed you have the same initials as Aleister Crowley. I didn't like to draw attention to it, because I thought you might start to think you were the next messiah or something…

ALAN: After this was the part about my meeting in the following March with a 'king' or 'caesar', a member of The Great White Brotherhood. Tempe suggested he would wear some kind of snake adornment. He would be jovial, welcoming, dressed in white and have the number 60. Well, on March 6th I met the Advaita Vedanta guru Arunachala Ramana during my travels in India. He was certainly enlightened (and in this sense a 'king' or 'caesar' and a part of the Great White Brotherhood). He looked a bit like Father Christmas ('jovial'), had two tattoos (one of which was a scroll, which was perhaps the 'twisted snake') and, as a guru, was certainly a 'hierophant' ( = 60).

DUNCAN: That is pretty amazing, because I don't think either of us expected your enlightenment to come so quickly. When Tempe said that you would meet a guru, I assumed it was someone who would simply help you along – not the person who would help you finish up. A hierophant indeed!

ALAN: But it's all there in what Tempe actually said. He also gave the guru the number 61 = 'supreme ritual'. Finishing up the process of enlightenment is the supreme ritual, and – as Tempe also predicted – this has taken me in a completely new direction since then, with the start of the Open Enlightenment (OE) project.

DUNCAN: Okay, I'm looking at the text, and at this point Tempe goes into a lot of grim stuff about 'The Adversary', 'giant squids' and 'Black Brothers'…

ALAN: Yes. It's clear now that The Adversary and 'NONE' (which was the name Tempe gave it – hey, there's a big clue there in the name) are not literal entities, but are my visionary or astral encounters with the embodiment of fear and therefore ignorance. The Adversary is defeated by each individual at the moment of enlightenment. 'NONE' is therefore the master of those people who can only view the world through the lens of fear and of those who consciously resist enlightenment, sometimes called the Black Brothers.

DUNCAN: You're not so hot now on the notion of an actual conspiracy?

ALAN: No, because the description Tempe gave us of what makes a Black Brother indicates that the Black Brother isn't concerned with keeping the world unenlightened; rather, he's simply self-obsessed. The Black Brotherhood is not actively working to 'unenlighten' the world; it simply wishes to promote its own debased and ignorant interests. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding takes root in our interpretation of Tempe at this point in the text. Although Tempe seems to talk about literal Black Brothers, he is actually using the Great White Brotherhood and Black Brotherhood as symbols for enlightenment and ignorance from this point onwards. For instance: when I asked him whether the battle would be fought in people's minds, he replied with a specific image of a single mala bead turning into my head. Quite clearly, what he meant was that the battle is actually going to take place only within my head! Tempe was, in effect, only ever interested in talking about our (mine and yours) enlightenment. A bit later on he gives us an image of the 'aura' of the White Brotherhood with too much 'black' in it, and vice versa… So if the White Brotherhood is enlightenment and the Black Brotherhood is ignorance, then Tempe is simply giving us an accurate description of where we both were at the time in the process of enlightenment: the penultimate stage of enlightenment is precisely when emptiness arises and passes away in real time – i.e. enlightenment and ignorance are mixed up!

DUNCAN: I certainly remember the way Tempe seemed to be ducking various questions at this point, as if he deemed them not worthy of an answer.

ALAN: Because they were the wrong questions. Remember the part where he said it wasn't about one of the sides winning, but about them both operating in the correct way, because one of the sides was operating incorrectly?

DUNCAN: We never did get to the bottom of that…

ALAN: Well, 'not operating correctly' simply means 'not enlightened yet'! He was just telling us that we had some work left to do.

DUNCAN: The imagery turns a bit utopian and messianic after this point, as I recall: 'Sunrise over the earth. Intense light over the whole planet…'

ALAN: Enlightenment, again. Both in a personal sense and a global sense, with regard to the aims of the OE project that was the result of my enlightenment.

DUNCAN: And the cathedral, which reflects in its architecture the union of all the traditions…

ALAN: Again, it represents both the personal experience of enli
ghtenment (because the event itself is literally the realisation that enlightenment is beyond all and any tradition), and the vision of the global progress of enlightenment that is the object of OE.

DUNCAN: So if the cathedral is not strictly literal, does this mean we've still got to physically build it? And what about the 'three hares': are we still okay with the hares as the OE logo?

ALAN: The hares are fine, but it's clear now that they too are a symbol that encompasses both my impending personal enlightenment (the 'underworld experience', or 'initiation' which was part of Tempe's original message about the hare) plus the transpersonal aspect of the OE project.

DUNCAN: People we've spoken with so far have already raised the question whether Tempe's cathedral might be a bit too – erm – 'kitsch' or 'retro' to deserve to exist in reality.

ALAN: The whole premise of OE rests on a recognition that enlightenment is the root of all religion. For the general public, this would be a whole new perspective on history. It's only with this perspective on the past that the 'cathedral' of enlightenment can be built.

DUNCAN: So you're making me wonder – yet again – whether this thing needs literally to be built, or whether Tempe was pointing to a new historical perspective rather than actual bricks and mortar…

ALAN: From the start, the idea that Tempe was predicting the actual building of a 'cathedral' (or Open Enlightenment Centre as I prefer to call it) was irrelevant. I just wanted to build it, and even more so now! It will be an architectural rendering of the enlightenment experience. So who knows, maybe Tempe was also predicting the literal building of the 'cathedral'…

DUNCAN: What about the stuff that comes after this in the text: 2012, peak oil, global warming?

ALAN: The stuff about solar flares and sunspots relates to an argument I'd recently had online with an idiotic Voudon priest, which boiled down to the issue of confusing the planes. Tempe was showing us here that confusing the planes may prove an obstacle to educating the public about the nature of enlightenment. That other stuff you mention was, I'm afraid, just a brief interlude of pointless occult speculation. Tempe's symbolism simply points to self-centred interests and ignorance as the source of the world's problems.

DUNCAN: Tempe's saying there's nothing special about 2012, then. It's just the usual greed, ignorance and fear. Business as usual.

ALAN: But he tries to steer us back on course with the next part of the message: the 'poisoned fish' from 'Yemen'.

DUNCAN: I never knew Yemen had such a thriving fishing industry until Tempe clued us in…

ALAN: We sussed at the time that 'fish' = 24 = 'truth', 'word', and that the ichthys (Greek for 'fish') was a secret symbol for Christ to the early Christians. He also gave us the number 44 = 'prophet'. Remember how Tempe appeared at the beginning with a crucifix in his right hand? Furthermore, Yemen is not only important biblically, but has also been home to numerous Jewish and Islamic messianic movements over the centuries. Tempe is therefore pointing out here how enlightenment (the 'truth' or 'word') has been firstly ill-conceived and then intentionally degenerated ('the poisoned fish') in regard to past, orthodox religion. The messianic movements of the past have failed. He returns to this theme in the second working.

DUNCAN: So that just leaves the stuff about the moon, the alien tripods, and perhaps some form of faked alien invasion engineered by The Black Brotherhood…

ALAN: Whatever that's about, it obviously hasn't happened yet, but we have a better grasp now on Tempe's perspective. He referred to 'healing lunar light' and gave us the number 34 = 'purple', 'mother', 'beautiful', 'vision', 'flower'. Based on what has gone before, it's likely that Tempe is talking strictly in terms of enlightenment. Tempe is representing enlightenment as a 'purple light'. The presence of a 'hare' has been noted by numerous cultures in the markings on the moon's surface. The hare, of course, is the symbol for OE. So perhaps 2012 will see an increase in public education regarding enlightenment.

DUNCAN: I've been reading about the importance of the colour purple during the Byzantine Empire. Byzantium was the place where the Greek tradition survived in Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire right through to the middle ages. Its rulers wore purple robes that no one else was allowed to wear and there was also a chamber made of purple stone in the Great Palace where the Empress was taken to give birth. The 'caesars' of Byzantium therefore had a special word to describe themselves: porphyrogennetos, which means 'born in the purple'. So purple came to signify legitimacy and the continuation of the Greek tradition. Interesting… So much for the alien invasion, then?

ALAN: My best, conservative guess at this time is that there will be public hysteria around aliens, no doubt tied in with the 2012 myth, and a few ignorant individuals will make a lot of money off the back of it. That's probably all Tempe is saying.

DUNCAN: Which brings us finally to 'the gnome with the pineapple'. So, did you meet any fruit-bearing dwarfs on your travels, or not?

ALAN: Unsurprisingly, it's not as simple as that. In Verkala, in India, I met an entrepreneur who identified himself as a 'gnome'. (I told this story in detail in The Great Work Accomplished.) But it wasn't until later, at the beginning of March, that I met Arunachala Ramana and became enlightened (as Tempe predicted). The gnome was certainly someone I met on my travels, but perhaps the entrepreneur who identified himself as such was just a synchronicity, whereas Arunachala was the 'actual gnome'. Or maybe Tempe's predictions are a series of synchronicities that he has presented together, from which we have concluded he was describing one event when in fact he wasn't. There's more stuff in the second working that seems to support this idea…

DUNCAN: Nice. And I can't wait to find out whether those geographical co-ordinates that Tempe gave us in the second working actually check out or not!