Occult Experiments in the Home

book cover

Using occultism to understand the paranormal sounds like diluting water or burying earth, but in this thoughtful and unusual book Duncan Barford draws on a deep familiarity with modern magick to provide a valuable toolbox of concepts for exploring the relationship between consciousness and the paranormal. Writing in an accessible and humorous style, Barford examines intriguing first-hand accounts of poltergeists, telepathy, communication with the dead, religious phenomena and astral projection. The essence of his unique exploration is that the paranormal does not happen only to special people and on rare occasions. In fact, to experience the paranormal we need simply turn our attention to the nature of our consciousness itself.

This book describes magic as I know it: teasing, tricky and never quite as expected, and yet it leaves our lives so much richer in colour and meaning. Read it, do it, and take a new look at your world. —Ramsey Dukes, author of SSOTBME and The Little Book of Demons

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