The Head of The BaptistThis is THE VOICE OF THE HEAD: On this website you will discover a radical new approach to western magick. If you’re new to magick, you can download the free practical guide Three Steps to Heaven: How to Practise Magick or, if you’re interested in a new perspective on magick, then check out The Camel Rides Again: A Primer in Magick. For an in-depth study of aeonics, you can also download A Brave New World: Aeonics and the Western Tradition.

The content that originally made up this site has been re-worked, referenced and re-edited into a unique trilogy of books: The Blood of the Saints, The Urn, and A Desert of Roses.

You can find out more about these — and our other publications. Otherwise, browse the other sections of this site to engage with some of their contents.

The Baptist’s Head is a completed project. We won’t be adding new material, but we will continue to maintain it. For ongoing news of our more recent work, please see our other websites: Future Religion and Occult Experiments in the Home.