'The fool readeth this Book of the Law, and its comment, & he understandeth it not.'

Alan Chapman is the founder of Deep Humanism (site coming soon) and a meditation teacher. His practice began within the expression of the Western tradition of enlightenment known as Magick or Thelema, and along with Duncan Barford, recorded his practice and exploration of Magick here on The Baptist’s Head between 2006 and 2009. The Baptist’s Head is now a repository of select articles and ebooks from this time, and home of the books authored by both Alan and Duncan.

For an introduction to the tradition of the Arcanum Arcanorum, see The Nature of the A.’.A.’.¬†An overview of Alan’s early career can be found in The Blood of the Saints, and for an exploration of the first stage of the process of awakening from a magical perspective, check out Crossing the Abyss: How to do it and what to expect. The Great Work Accomplished details the culmination of Alan’s magical practice.

Finally, if you really want to know what The Baptist’s Head is all about, see What is the Baptist’s Head?

Between 2009 and 2010, Alan and Duncan explored the natural human phenomenon of awakening at Open Enlightenment, which was both a success and a failure to varying degrees. The site is currently being wound down and will eventually be absorbed into the new Deep Humanism site (coming soon).

Duncan lights the fuse but forgets to stand backDuncan Barford came to magic from a lifelong interest in the paranormal and an academic background in literature and psychoanalysis. He made the decision to pursue a career in IT, but discovered he couldn’t shake off the memory of certain paranormal experiences from his teenage years. Finally accepting that the universe is too fascinating to spend one’s life fiddling with computers, and inspired by Alan’s results, he committed himself to commencing The Great Work.

Duncan had flirted with Buddhism in his past, but had been left disappointed by the outcome, so he was very surprised to discover that engagement with the techniques of Western Occultism made the process of spiritual growth described in the Buddhist tradition far clearer. He resolved to master the art of vipassana meditation, and after several years of effort came to awakening in March, 2009.

'No, I can't stand chaos magic, me.'Duncan draws inspiration mainly from the tradition of mystical individualism that includes such free-form mavericks as Swedenborg, Blake, Jung and Steiner. He shares with Alan a deep frustration with the materialism and narcissism of contemporary schools of magick. His enduring aim is to bring about a widespread recognition of magick as a valid means for attaining spiritual liberation.

After completing The Baptist’s Head, Duncan worked alongside Alan on Open Enlightenment, a website for free and frank discussion about enlightenment and its means of attainment. His book Occult Experiments in the Home was published in 2010 and explores the relationship between paranormal experiences, magick and spiritual development.