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The Tempe Working – Part Two

The baptists chat with an astral representative of the A∴A∴, with whom they first made contact in June, 2008.

[The temple is banished with The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Incense of Abramelin burns on the altar. Alan delivers an ad hoc invocation. Duncan enters trance, seated, holding a staff supported across his forearms, elbows bent.]

ALAN: Will you speak with us?

[The rune NIED (reversed). Alan repeats the invocation. Silence. No reply. NIED indicates setting off on the wrong path and that to continue in the same manner will result in failure.]

A plate of Tempeh

ALAN: If we are doing anything incorrectly, can you let us know what it is?

[No reply.]

ALAN: If it's improper to talk with Tempe at the present time, can we please speak with another astral representative of the A∴A∴?

[A spider, grown from the letter M.]

DUNCAN: It's not a rune.

ALAN: Should we communicate with you in a different physical location?

[Long silence. No reply.]

ALAN: Can you see anything, Duncan?

DUNCAN: I'm in a deep trance state. My heart chakra opened and there was a strong sense of presence.

ALAN: I felt that too.

DUNCAN: But it has faded. There was a vision of a man, in white robes, holding a trident. Are we talking to someone other than Tempe?

[Long silence. No reply.]

DUNCAN: The trance state has returned.

ALAN: Are you to communicate through me instead of Duncan?


ALAN: I get the sense 'yes'. Is this what NIED referred to?


ALAN: I'm trancing out.

DUNCAN: Tempe, are you communicating with us through Alan?

[Long silence.]

ALAN: I'm off my box! [Silence.] We wish to speak with an astral representative of the A∴A∴ Is this the wrong time? Can you communicate through Duncan, please? [Long silence.] Are you getting anything, Duncan?

DUNCAN: Yeah. I'm being told not to be afraid, and to just open myself to it.

TEMPE: It's really easy. Just ask.

ALAN: Ok. Who am I?

TEMPE: A head on a platter made of a fountain of white light.

ALAN: Who is Duncan?

DUNCAN: I'm feeling distracted because the wand in my arms is moving!

ALAN: Shall I take it away?

DUNCAN: No. It's okay.

ALAN: Do I need to repeat the question?


ALAN: Who is Duncan?

DUNCAN: The wand keeps moving every time you say it!

ALAN: Who is Duncan?

TEMPE: The wand. The snake. The eye in the pyramid.

ALAN: Who am I speaking with?

[Tempe's sigil appears.]

ALAN: Am I correct regarding 'The Octopus'?

TEMPE: A procession of people. A geneaological chart, showing a process going back through time. A bloodline. You haven't taken this into account.

ALAN: Am I correct regarding the nature of the Black Brother?

TEMPE: The chariot of God. The Merkavah. The vehicle or throne of God.

ALAN: How does that relate to my article on the Black Brother?

TEMPE: Unstoppable vehicle.

[Have I failed to note the 'unstoppable' nature of the Black Brother?]

ALAN: Am I correct in my article 'Unreasonable Foresight'?

TEMPE: An energy biding its time. It is not manifesting or going in a particular direction yet.

ALAN: Is it potential energy?


ALAN: So that means the idea of a faked alien invasion and a false messiah are not for definite?

TEMPE: Snake-shaped tendrils dart out from the energy, then they retreat, as if not willing to commit themselves.

[This brings in to question the difficulty of accepting any prediction of real-world events. From Tempe's answer I am to treat the events outlined in Unreasonable Foresight as embryonic.]

ALAN: Okay. How are we best to prepare for the faked alien invasion?

TEMPE: The tarot card: THE SUN.

[Enjoy life! Concentrate on the positive and look for its realisation.]

ALAN: Will society as we know it collapse before 2012?

TEMPE: The tarot card: THE TOWER. A scarab beetle.

[The Tower indicates collapse of the system. The beetle: regeneration.]

ALAN: When?

DUNCAN: That M I saw earlier, I think it was an astrological symbol… It's the answer to this question.

TEMPE: The symbol for Aquarius.

[The Sun is in Aquarius roughly from January 20 to February 18.]

ALAN: Can you show us the actual year? The number?

TEMPE: Omega. 46.

[Omega means 'last'. Does Tempe mean the collapse has already begun, occurring sometime last year (2007)? 46 = 'twenty seven' in English Qaballah. 'Twenty seven' (just like 'twenty twelve') can mean 20 and 07, or 2007. If Aquarius signifies late January and early February, is Tempe referring to the sub-prime mortgage credit crunch that began in February 2007?]

ALAN: Will there be a big die-off of the human species as a result of this?


DUNCAN: I wouldn't say he doesn't like that question, but he doesn't seem to be bothered answering it.

ALAN: Because he has already?

DUNCAN: I can't tell.

ALAN: How long will the alien invasion last?

TEMPE: The rune ANSUZ.

ALAN [Consults rune book]: 'Mouth. Spoken word. Taking advice and acquiring wisdom. Fear should be put aside, for it indicates the ability to sail through with ease whatever arises.' Okay. That's clear. How is the false messiah connected with the aliens?

TEMPE: A head on a stick being made to talk.

DUNCAN: It has a kind of Aztec look… Does Quetzlcoatl look like 'a head on a stick'?

ALAN: No – he's a plumed serpent. Do we already know who the fake messiah is?

TEMPE: This person is imprisoned at the moment.

ALAN: What is the final aim of their plan?

TEMPE: The sign of the fish.

ALAN: The fish represents the messiah?

TEMPE: Yes. [Pause]. 555.

ALAN [exc
]: Fucking hell! [He has just looked at the clock, which is outside Duncan's line of sight. The time at that moment was 5:55pm.]

DUNCAN: He's not happy with these questions.

ALAN: Okay. That's the last of the questions related to the predictions, anyway… When should I set up The Order?

TEMPE: Tunnels. At the end is something nasty.

ALAN: Something nasty in the tunnel, or at the end?

TEMPE: At the end.

[Long silence.]

DUNCAN: There's a message for you [Alan] here.

TEMPE: Something nasty at the end of the tunnel. You are with someone. An older figure. Near water or on a boat. It is positive. 33.

[33 = blessing, Buddhist, Indian, order. Tempe is again discussing the 'gnome with a pineapple' from my previous vision and our first communication.]

ALAN: Will the man on the boat help me set up The Order?

TEMPE: The symbol of the A∴A∴. 1792. 1813 or 1830.

DUNCAN: These are latitude and longitude! Some sort of coordinates.

[The man is not necessarily concerned with my setting up a magical order, but he is a White Brother. Lat = 17, Long = 92 is the Bay of Bengal, just off the coast of Burma. Lat = 18, Long = 13 is Niger, but with Long = 30 we get Sudan, just off the border of Egypt. This is quite mind-blowing to say the least! After travelling India I plan to visit Thailand; however, there is no direct flight to Bangkok from Kolkata. I was planning to travel back to Mumbai, but will I be offered passage across the bay?My trip is ending in Egypt.]

ALAN: Is there anything else you have to tell me regarding this, Tempe?

TEMPE: Caesar. 5. V.

ALAN: After my travels, will that be a good time to set up The Order?

TEMPE: Not interested.

DUNCAN: He's more concerned with what's going to happen to you. That's what he's been talking about.

ALAN: When I meet the guy on the boat? Can you give us more information about that?

TEMPE: The boat is connected with a bird. A swallow.

DUNCAN: Could be the name of the boat… I feel there's something he thinks is more important than this. There's something he wants us to do, or wants to do for us.

ALAN: What is it?

DUNCAN: Are you feeling trancey?

ALAN: Is that what he wants to do for us?

DUNCAN: I think so.

ALAN: Fair enough.

[Long silence as both baptists enter deep trance.]

ALAN: Duncan, I've just been trancing my tits off. Is it okay to ask some more questions now?

DUNCAN: Did you see lots of white light?

ALAN: Yeah. It was very intense, but spacey and peaceful.

DUNCAN: Did you see any visions?

ALAN: No. Did you?

DUNCAN: Yeah. I saw a building that housed lots of different people. Everyone was given a place in this building. Tempe was building it – or whomever. Very utopian.

ALAN: I suppose that [trance] does beat any shitty questions I've got. There's a place for everyone?

DUNCAN: Yeah. But a sense also that everyone is obliged to get along with everyone else.

ALAN: Everyone, and not just some?


ALAN: Shall I try asking some more questions?

DUNCAN: If you want.

ALAN: Is S3 the right name?


DUNCAN: Does that mean anything?

ALAN: No. Is it a joke?

TEMPE: A slice of Battenburg cake!

DUNCAN: Does he mean 2 squared, or four, or something?


DUNCAN: What's S3?

ALAN: S.S.S.: Servants of the Star and the Snake. Anything else?


ALAN: Am I correct in terms of the book on Thelema that I'm currently writing?

TEMPE: A snail, moving very slowly. Covering ground. Measuring its progress.

ALAN: Does it need to move faster?

TEMPE: Nothing negative.

ALAN: When will the opening of the grade of Ipsissimus occur for me?

[This is the Buddhist trance nerodhi samapatti.]

TEMPE: O or Q or zero. 32. October.

ALAN: October this year?

Figure X

DUNCAN: He has just given me a very weird symbol that looks familiar. It's like the symbol for Saturn. Something to do with alchemy, maybe? A cross at the top, and a rounded body. A closed figure, like a crowned glyph.

[This symbol has proved untraceable so far. It resembles the German character ß (Eszett) surmounted by a cross. (See Figure X.)]

ALAN: What about Duncan?

TEMPE: A honey bee.

ALAN: Does that mean Spring?

TEMPE: A dart. A lance.

[Duncan meditates three times as much as Alan does; he's an industrious 'worker' and as such nerodhi will happen quickly.]

ALAN: What is the answer to the riddle in The Book of the Law II: 76?

[Note that I did not give the actual riddle itself. This is the passage in question: '76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet?…']

TEMPE: An entity. A combination of gods. A pantheon, but combined into one figure. Much planning, secrecy and effort has gone into its completion. They are perfectly balanced. It is like a machine.

ALAN: What is its purpose?

TEMPE: It is the concentration of immense power.

ALAN: Is it a barbarous word to be used in ritual?

TEMPE: Many gods rolled into one.

ALAN: Is there a way of unlocking the letters and numbers so that they form the names of these gods?

TEMPE: The letters are to be placed on a menorah, or the Tree of Life. A menorah with nine branches.

ALAN: By dividing them into those sections, will it spell the names of those gods?

TEMPE: The person responsible for the word lived centuries ago.

DUNCAN: It seems to be the Seventeenth Century…

ALAN: The author of the Stenographia?

DUNCAN: He looks like a Puritan. But I don't know what a Puritan would want to have to do with this.

ALAN: Can we have a name, Tempe?

TEMPE: Stephen. Stebson.

DUNCAN: I wouldn't trust that too much!

[Puritan John Milton wrote in cipher in the Seventeenth century. This requires further investigation.]

ALAN: What does verse 73 of chapter three of The Book of the Law mean? What are we to do with that command?

[Again, I did not give the actual passage, which is: 'III: 73. Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!']

: When someone is blind it is easy to characterise this as 'darkness'. But 'darkness' implies an absence of light. The true meaning of this passage is to see at a deeper level. Blindness is not the absence of sight; the question of sight does not arise. This talk of 'blindness' is just an example of the principle at stake. The meaning of the passage must be grasped at a level below that which apprehends it in terms of a negation.

ALAN: What is that deeper meaning?

TEMPE: Life and the nature of being human. Discovering the essence of the human.

ALAN: What is the key of it all?

TEMPE: The symbol for Gemini.

[Temple Gemini is the name for our two-man operation.]

DUNCAN: He's kidding us, I think!

TEMPE: 32.

ALAN: Not 31?

[31 = Frater Achad's 'key'.]


ALAN: Is our work in any way related to the prophecy of the one that would come after Crowley in The Book of the Law?

TEMPE: Plants. Bulbs. They flower and die. You see no trace, yet they return the next year.

ALAN: Does that represent work we've done in the past?

TEMPE: A monk.

DUNCAN: He's not happy with the way he's communicating. I think the difficulty at the beginning was due to him trying to find a better way.

ALAN: Okay. Tempe can you tell us the best way to communicate with you?

TEMPE: A golem.

ALAN: Do we need to make a physical representation of him?

TEMPE: Energy being poured into a cauldron and swirling around.

DUNCAN: I think he wants a more immediate medium.

ALAN: Like runes or the tarot?

DUNCAN: Or possession… I felt weird when we first started.

ALAN: So did I. Tempe, next time would you like to possess Duncan in order to communicate?

TEMPE: An unmanned surveillance drone under remote control.

ALAN: Are you okay to continue?

DUNCAN: I could use a rest.

ALAN: Because I was going to say maybe Tempe would like to try possessing you right now?

DUNCAN: I'll give it a go. I can feel him trying already.


DUNCAN: Lots of white light. Big trance-out. My throat chakra is kicking off something massive. Strong sense of presence, but I'm still me, although I'm trying not to be.

ALAN: Just relax, and when I ask questions let answers come out of your gob.

DUNCAN: All right. I can see him really closely, and am getting a strong sense of his personality.

ALAN: What's his personality like?

DUNCAN: You'd be surprised.

ALAN: Tempe? Can you communicate through Duncan?

TEMPE: We shall try.

ALAN [laughs]: What did you do to me and Duncan earlier?

TEMPE: Pressed some buttons.

ALAN: What buttons did you press?

TEMPE: The anterior and the posterior.

ALAN [laughs]: What did that do for us?


DUNCAN: This isn't feeling quite right. I'm having a massive trance-out.

ALAN: Just relax again. I'll ask him some more questions.

DUNCAN: There's a real sense of personality, though.

ALAN: Yes, I got that too. Tempe, is there anything we need to do to make your manifestation better?


ALAN: Tempe, feel free to speak through Duncan. Where are you from?


ALAN: Tempe, are you there?

DUNCAN: It's not happening.

ALAN: Aw, bollocks. Why is it not happening?

DUNCAN: It's still interpretation. It's like I can't get beyond getting symbols all the time. Even when I put it into words, it's still interpretation.

ALAN: Would he get on better if he tried to possess me?

DUNCAN: Give it a try.

ALAN: I need a piss. I can stay here, though – I don't have to move, do I?

DUNCAN: What? And have a piss?

ALAN: No. I mean sit over here, where I am. Shall we try?


ALAN: Why don't you try and speak through me, Tempe? [Silence.] I'm getting a bizarre swaying sensation!

DUNCAN: Are you there, Tempe?


DUNCAN: You're speaking through Alan?

TEMPE: I speak through Alan. The wheel revolves eastwards and westwards unto the City of Light where Goodness dwells. Upon the chariots of burning flames, the keepers and the key, where sentients believe. The castle's upon high. A moment's release.

[Inaction on Duncan's part.]

ALAN: Ask questions, Duncan!

DUNCAN: Tempe, what we've received from you today, was it received correctly?

TEMPE: Incorrectly. The mode was wrong.

DUNCAN: Should we write it all off, or are there bits we should keep?

TEMPE: Difficult to breathe.

ALAN: I get the sense it's not a write-off.

DUNCAN: Tempe, when you say it's difficult to breathe do you mean it's difficult to express yourself?

TEMPE: Yes, through Alan, but not through you.

DUNCAN: So were the parts of the message that were received through me – …

TEMPE: Here I come.

ALAN: I can see the tarot card THE EMPEROR. No, it's THE HIEROPHANT.

TEMPE: The hierophantic task is beholden. Time is unending. By now you should see that, can't you? Who is here to moan about the Truth? Not me. Nor you. The matter of fact I come to speak. Don't you see me, Duncan? Speak!

[Digital alarm clock near the altar unexpectedly goes off at this moment. Duncan stops it.]

DUNCAN: I can't see you, Tempe!

ALAN: I get the sense he wants you to talk to him, Duncan.

DUNCAN: Do you mind us asking you stuff like this, Tempe?

TEMPE: What is it I have come for but to enlighten you?

DUNCAN: Will these communications lead to enlightenment?

[Silence. Tempe uses Alan's body to reach and touch Duncan.]

TEMPE: Not ready yet.

DUNCAN: You seem to be handing out trance states to us.

TEMPE: Yes. What is it that you wish for?

DUNCAN: Knowledge and truth.

TEMPE: Don't we all?

DUNCAN: Are we going to get it from you, Tempe?

TEMPE: Not likely. There must be a reason for me to be here.

DUNCAN: There were the questions we asked earlier.

TEMPE: Shit.

DUNCAN: All of it?

TEMPE: Some. Not all. The basis is to advance, not to stall and wonder. Perhaps you've heard of me. And this is it. It is done. I'm gone.

ALAN: I can see THE HIEROPHANT again.

DUNCAN: Should we test you, Tempe?

TEMPE: What test can try me?

DUNCAN: Give us a sign.

[Tempe uses Alan's body to give Duncan the two-fingers.]

DUNCAN [laughs]: Is that the sign for Gemini?

ALAN: I get the sense there's no reason for him to be here. I just keep seeing THE HIEROPHANT. Is there anything else we want him for?

DUNCAN: Nope. I'm good.

ALAN: Thanks for coming, Tempe.

DUNCAN: Thanks, Tempe.

ALAN: Still a strong sense of presence.

DUNCAN: Yeah. Are you okay?

ALAN: Yeah. I can still sense him hanging around.

[Temple closed.]

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006 – The Baptists Meet Dave Lee

Alan and Duncan talk with Dave Lee, one of the world’s foremost chaos magicians, about his views on metaphysics and the Northern Tradition of magick.

Dave Lee

Check out the strange clicking noises that occur when Dave begins to speak about ‘fourth-level weirdness’ (i.e. poltergeist phenomena). The sounds were not apparent in the room, but seem to originate in the recording device. They fade in and fade away again as Dave relates a strangely appropriate anecdote. Our recorder has never played up like this before, and thankfully hasn’t done so since…

Shortly after recording the podcast we heard from Dave that two computers at his home had mysteriously stopped working within a week. (I think we’ll be waiting a while until we expose our equipment to Dave for a second time…)

Download MP3 file.

The Tempe Working

The Baptists chat with an astral representative of The Great White Brotherhood

Sunday 15th June. AM. Temple banished with LBRP. Incense of Abramelin burning on the altar. Alan calls upon the Great White Brotherhood with an ad hoc invocation. Duncan enters trance.

DUNCAN: A strong sense of presence. An impression of gleaming white robes. What is your name?

SPIRIT: Tempe.

['Tempe' = 23 = 'King' (i.e. enlightened). Also, in reference to time, 'Damned' and 'Fallen' (consciousness becoming temporal?). The Vale of Tempe in Greek poetry is a favourite haunt of Apollo and the Muses. It was home to Aristaeus, son of Apollo and Cyrene, where he chased Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, who, in her flight, was bitten by a serpent and died.]

ALAN: Can I address him directly?

TEMPE: 24. The Greek letter, psi (ψ).

[24 = 'Kings' (i.e. the body of enlightened beings, the A∴A∴). ψ is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. 'Tempe' = 23. Tempe giving 24, when his name equates to 23, is a means of announcing himself as a representative of the brotherhood.]

ALAN: Tempe, do you represent the Great White Brotherhood?

TEMPE: The word 'ASTRAL'. The symbol of an A surmounted by a circle.

ALAN: What does this symbol mean?

TEMPE: Psi (ψ).

['Psi' = 17 = 'Astral'. His presentation of the letter Psi followed by the word 'astral' demonstrates a knowledge of the English Qaballah. Tempe is thus an astral representative of the body of enlightened beings. ψ (in the Greek alphabet) = 23 = 'Tempe', so we are to take the symbol of 'an A surmounted by a circle' as Tempe's seal or sigil.]

The Sigil of Tempe.

DUNCAN: He holds a book and a crucifix. It is a book of tables. The one I can see is six squares by six.

[The 6 x 6 table is the magic square of the sun. The sphere of the Sun is the sixth emanation (Tiphereth) from the pure essence of God. To express this concept mathematically the square is composed of 36 squares (6 x 6). The numbers 1 to 36 are then arranged in a balanced way so that every row and every column add to the same number. That number is 111, and the sum of all the squares is 666.]

ALAN: Are these the answer to my question?

DUNCAN: I think so.

ALAN: What is the title of the book?

TEMPE: Lemegeton.

ALAN: Is it a specific page?

DUNCAN: The cross is in his right hand, the book in the left. The number of the book is 16. The cross is 23.

['Lemegeton' = 42 = 'knowledge', 'brothers', 'initiate', 'enochian'. 16 = 'Book', 'Magus', 'Camel', 'Kamael'. 'Crucifix' = 48 = 'Meditation', 'Illuminati', 'six six six'. 23 = 'Tempe'. Tempe is here represented by the crucifix, Alan (Frater Kamael) by the book. If Alan is the book, he is also 666 (as is Tempe, in a more circuitous fashion). Is Tempe here also announcing himself as a Right-Hand path magician, Alan as Left-Hand path?]

ALAN: Do you have anything to tell us?

DUNCAN: He's showing me your mala beads, with the skulls. One of the faces on the beads is different from all the others. It's upside down.

ALAN: What does that mean?

[The bead represents Alan, as revealed more explicitly later.]

TEMPE: The signs of Taurus and Aries.

DUNCAN: This is related to the beads…

TEMPE: A man wearing a laurel wreath. A king or caesar.

DUNCAN: When you travel you'll meet someone. This information is connected to that meeting.

ALAN: A member of the White Brotherhood?

TEMPE: 'The Ides of March'. A snake bracelet (or some form of adornment, perhaps a ring). A twisted snake, zig-zagged. Jovial, welcoming, and dressed in white. He has the number 60.

DUNCAN: I think the zodiacal signs have something to do with this: it's a date in March.

[Aries: March 21st to April 19th; Taurus: April 20th to May 20th. 'Laurel' and 'Ides of March' are both references to Caesar. The Ides of March occurs on March 15th, a Roman festival dedicated to Mars. A caesar or king dressed in white indicates an enlightened White Brother. 60 = 'Hierophant'. Summary: Alan will meet a Heirophantic White Brother in mid-March next year, and perhaps keep his company until mid May.]

ALAN: Why do I need to know this?

TEMPE: A right-angle, like a backwards-7. A swastika turning to the right.

DUNCAN: The meeting with this person represents 'a departure at right-angles', taking a new direction.

ALAN: Should I take a new direction?

TEMPE: A boat or a plane. A sunset. His number is 60 or 61. A butterfly.

DUNCAN: There is a good feeling about this. Is the butterfly 'psi', the soul? The number of psi is 14.

[The swastika represents involution, and thus spiritual development. 60 = Hierophant. 61 = 'concentration', 'supreme ritual', 'thirty nine' (39 = 'Abrahadabra', which is the supreme ritual too). 'Butterfly' = 39 = abrahadabra. The butterfly is the traditional symbol of Psyche (ψυχη), the soul. 14 = 'Khabs'. By asserting that the number of 'psi' (or psyche, ψυχη) is 14, Tempe is pointing to the union of Khabs and Khu (very roughly: 'corporeality' and 'essence') as the supreme ritual.]

ALAN: Can I ask you about my vision of LIN, the 22nd Aethyr?

TEMPE: A demon.

ALAN: Was my vision of The Adversary?

TEMPE: Crossed swords. A mouth eating something.

DUNCAN: It's like a Happy Eater logo. Something nasty, corporate, plastic about this…

ALAN: What is its number?

TEMPE: 18.

ALAN: Can you give me its name?

TEMPE [to Alan]: Your vision of the squid is a clue to its name.

[This refers to Alan's vision of the 22nd Aethyr. 'Squid' = 25 = 'devil', 'wrath'.]

ALAN: Is it The Great Old Ones?

TEMPE: Aquatic monsters. The Loch Ness Monster.

DUNCAN: This isn't literal. It feels like a pun.

ALAN: Can you spell out the name?


ALAN: What is its number?

TEMPE: 17.

DUNCAN: This doesn't feel clear…

['NONE' = 21 = 'Saturn', 'evil', 'moon', 'luna', 'fear', 'Anubis'. 17 = 'astral'. Perhaps NONE is an astral force? Tempe's opposite number?]

ALAN: Is NONE the name of one adversary, or all of them?

TEMPE: A sea creature with many heads.

ALAN: That means it's collective. Is NONE the force behind the Black Brotherhood?

TEMPE: A fighter-pilot with a blacked-out visor. No face.

ALAN: That's a 'yes' then. Are there existing bodies of magicians that work as Black Brothers in the sense that Duncan and I work as The White Brotherhood?

TEMPE [the runes]: TIR. ISA. RAIDHO.

ALAN: Does this mean that they are runic magicians? The Black Brotherhood are runic magicians?

DUNCAN: There is some more information to be gained from this…

TEMPE [a rune]: SIGEL. [Added to the end of the previous sequence.]


[TIR represents extreme motivation. ISA is stasis. RAIDHO is movement or a journey. SIGEL represents power and self-centredness. This is an extremely concise algorithm for the making of a Black Brother – extreme motivation turned backwards onto the self forming delusions of power.]

ALAN: What is the number of the sequence?

TEMPE: 44.

[44 = 'disappear', 'lust of result', 'sufferer'.]

ALAN: Will we have to do magical battle with the Black Brotherhood?

TEMPE: A crystal skull. A struggle inside it between purple light and darkness.

[Purple light is Thelemic, and represents the White Brotherhood. The darkness is the Black Brotherhood.]

ALAN: Does that mean the battle will be fought in the heads of people on this planet?

TEMPE: The mala beads.

DUNCAN: There is something special about one of the beads…

TEMPE: The oroboros.

DUNCAN: The symbol of the White Brotherhood is the beads. The symbol of the Black Brotherhood is the oroboros. One bead is separate from the rest, divided on the right-hand side.

[The oroboros is self-consuming.] 

ALAN: Does the different bead represent a person?

TEMPE: The bead changes from a skull to a living person.

ALAN: Who is it?

DUNCAN: I think it's you, Alan.

ALAN: Oh fuck.

TEMPE: 54.

[54 = 'Ankh-af-na-khonsu', 'instruction', 'Ra Hoor Khuit'.]

TEMPE: The symbol of The Tao. The yin and the yang separate and move in the same direction.

DUNCAN: This is bad, because one side is moving in the wrong direction. It is not clear which side…

ALAN: Does this mean that one side is winning?

DUNCAN: [Laughs.] From where Tempe sits it's not about 'winning' but operating in the correct way. One of the sides is not operating in the correct way.

ALAN: What will be the result of this?

DUNCAN: He's giving me answers before you ask the questions!

TEMPE: Sunrise over the earth. Intense light over the whole planet.

ALAN: Is this bad?

DUNCAN: Doesn't seem so…

[The intense sunlight is perhaps an allusion to the infantile belief that 2012 will herald a solar radiation extinction event. In other words, this is a symbol for the promulgation of false belief, or confusion of the planes.]

ALAN: Must something be done to move things in the right direction?

TEMPE: A cathedral is being built. A combination of all architectures: a mosque, an Indian temple…

ALAN: Does this mean we must combine the teachings? The One tradition?

TEMPE: The hare.

DUNCAN: This is some sort of archetype…

TEMPE: 23. 26.

Three Hares

[The composite religious building represents the perennial philosophy. 'Hare' = 23. 26 = 'magick', 'mystic', 'to know'. The hare in African folk tales is a trickster; many cultures see a hare in the pattern of dark patches in the moon. Recent research has followed the history and migration of a symbolic image of three hares with conjoined ears. In this image, three hares are seen chasing each other in a circle with their heads near its centre. While each of the animals appears to have two ears, only three ears are depicted. The ears form a triangle at the centre of the circle (cf. Tempe's sigil). The image has been traced from Christian churches in the English county of Devon right back along the Silk Road to China, via Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It is possible that even before its appearance in China it was actually first depicted in the Middle East before being re-imported centuries later. Its use has been found associated with Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist sites stretching back to about 600 CE (cf. the 'composite building' used by Tempe to symbolise unity of the teachings).]

DUNCAN: It feels like some kind of underworld experience. The answer to your next question is here!

ALAN: What is it?

DUNCAN: I'm not saying. Had you thought of a next question?

ALAN: Yes.

TEMPE: A comet. A celestial message.

ALAN: My question was: 'Does it represent regeneration?' So is this what needs to be done to ensure both sides work in the proper fashion?

DUNCAN: I'm getting a sense of harmony. The building is a kind of academy. Utopian. I'm standing back from this, a bit, but Tempe is really sincere. The comet was moving 'backwards' from right to left. I take this to mean going back into the past.

[We are to look to the past for the answer.]

ALAN: Are we currently going in the right direction?

TEMPE: Greek columns. Greek architecture.

ALAN: Is this related to our recent Platonic work?

TEMPE [to Duncan]: Athena. You must take your work with Athena further.

[Greek columns suggest the foundation of the Western tradition.]

ALAN: The Black Brotherhood and White Brotherhood are currently out of balance.

TEMPE: The Black Brotherhood and The White Brotherhood both have auras. The aura of the WB has too much black in it, and the aura of the The Black Brotherhood has too much white in it.

DUNCAN: I don't understand what sort of balance Tempe is talking about. It's clear to him, but not to me. It's as if there is an etheric and physical body and they have to be brought into balance. But I can't tell if the black brothers need white auras, or black, or what…

ALAN: Is he saying that the A∴A∴ has a physical body, and the The Black Brotherhood, but their etheric bodies are out of sync? The etheric body is not reflecting the physical body of the A∴A and the same for the The Black Brotherhood?

DUNCAN: But they're mixed up in each other. For one to be all white and the other to be all black simply locks them into division. That's not right either.

ALAN: What is the solution, Tempe?

TEMPE: A quaternity. Four quadrants. No colour and no identity to any of them

ALAN: That's the solution? Does that reflect emptiness?

TEMPE: There is no solution in duality.

ALAN: Are there people in the Black Brotherhood working to correct the balance?

DUNCAN: I don't understand what he's sending…

TEMPE: Frogs. Pond life. Spawn. 25.

[25 = 'folly', 'devil', 'silent', 'wrath', 'pity'.]

ALAN: It seems pretty clear to me!

DUNCAN: The next answer is here.

TEMPE: Solar radiation. Sunspots.

ALAN: I was going to ask where the battle would take place. This is obviously related to presenting the correct facts about things, my recent argument with an imbecile Voudon priest, and confusing the planes.

TEMPE: Solar flares. Solar storms.

ALAN: Is this metaphorical?

TEMPE: The flares are angels.

DUNCAN: So it can't be literal, then.

[Angels indicate thoughts and illustration. Solar radiation is metaphor, again a reference to confusing the planes and false belief.]

ALAN: Can you tell us anything about the Peak Oil crisis?

TEMPE: Earth and Jupiter combine. Earth becomes a small Jupiter.

[Cf. Rudolf Steiner: 'Earth will then be transmuted into the Jupiter condition. In Jupiter what we now call the mineral kingdom will exist no longer; the forces of this kingdom will have been changed into plant-like forces. Thus upon Jupiter the vegetable kingdom, though in a very different form, will be the lowest. Above it will be the animal kingdom, likewise considerably altered, and then a human kingdom, recognizable as the spiritual descendants of the bad humanity originating upon Earth. Lastly, the descendants of the good humanity will constitute a human kingdom on a higher level. This is the human kingdom proper, and a great part of its work will be to influence and ennoble the souls who have fallen into the other group, so that they may yet gain entrance to it.' Occult Science, chapter VI. Also, Gurdjieff proposed the idea of the progressive development of celestial bodies (i.e. planet into gas giant into star). Curiously, it has been discovered that Jupiter emits more heat than it absorbs…]

ALAN: Is that a natural progression?

TEMPE: A black helicopter, flying through Jupiter's atmosphere.

[It's not clear what this reference to The Black Brotherhood means. Have they caused a toxic atmosphere? Or is Peak Oil a con?]

ALAN: Can you tell us anything about global warming?

TEMPE: Water and no land. A black helicopter combined with a boat. The faceless fighter-pilot is at the controls.

[Rising sea levels? Again, is this something they have caused, or is it a con?]

ALAN: Is Peak Oil and Global Warming a plan of The Black Brotherhood?

TEMPE: Satellites beaming something onto the earth.

DUNCAN: It's not aliens!

ALAN: [Laughs.] I hadn't even formulated the question, but aliens had just popped into my head!

TEMPE: The squid.

DUNCAN: I'm getting tired…

ALAN: One more question…

DUNCAN: Do you want the answer now?

ALAN: Yes.

TEMPE: A fish that is ill. Poisoned, or hasn't been formed correctly.

ALAN: Does it represent Pisces? My question was about 2012…

TEMPE: It's not dead.

DUNCAN: Either it has been environmentally poisoned, or it never developed correctly. There is a sense here that both of these alternatives are attacks. It has been attacked from outside and from within.

ALAN: Is the fish the New Age movement?

DUNCAN: I can't say.

TEMPE: Yemen.

DUNCAN: The fish is connected with The Yemen in some sense. 2012.

TEMPE: 44.

Fish in Yemen

[44 = 'Thelemites', 'prophet', 'sufferer'. 'Fish' = 24 = 'truth', 'word'. 'Fish', in Latin, is 'ichthys' (transliterated from Greek). In English 'ichthys' refers to a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish, said to have been used by early Christians as a secret symbol. Googling for 'Yemen fish' leads to the image shown, which is similar to the ichthys. A reference to Christ helps explain why Tempe appears with a crucifix in his right hand. Perhaps he is pointing us to the ichthys to suggest how the truth or word (as presented by the Christ) has been firstly ill-conceived and then intentionally degenerated. (Christianity arrived in Yemen with the British Empire, and is now almost completely extinct.) 2012 is not simply an ecological crisis, but will also be a metaphysical ordeal for humanity.]

ALAN: One more question?

DUNCAN: There is already an answer, but it's a strange one. Something to do with the moon…

TEMPE: A spoon. The moon.

DUNCAN: It's some kind of structure. I'll have to interpret the answer…

ALAN: Is there a plan concerning 2012 by The Black Brotherhood, which will come to fruition?

TEMPE: War machines. Tripods from War of the Worlds.

DUNCAN: The 'spoon' is a tool for taking something from the moon.

ALAN: Food from the moon?

DUNCAN: We can reach out and take food from the moon. It's a positive thing. The tripods are a negative thing. The spoon is something The White Brotherhood would use.

ALAN: A symbol of regeneration?

DUNCAN: Who knows? It's obviously non-literal.

TEMPE: Healing lunar light. 34.

[Moon and spoon are representative of consuming, healing Yin energy. 34 = 'pleasure', 'purple', 'mother', 'beautiful', 'vision', 'flower'.]

ALAN: What is the number of the tripods?

TEMPE: 14. 18.

[14 = 'slave'. 18 = 'play'. Is this a hoax, meant to enslave us?]

ALAN: Are they literal?

DUNCAN: They certainly seem something to do with machines…

ALAN: Will it be an alien hoax?

TEMPE: The faceless fighter-pilot.

ALAN: Anything else to tell us?

TEMPE: The man you will meet…

DUNCAN: That's weird. In your vision of LIN you saw a gnome with a pineapple. That was the equivalent in your vision – it's the same person. The one you're going to meet.

['Gnome' = 27 = 'Horus', 'child', 'servant'. 'Pineapple' = 49 = 'fruition', 'dissolution'. Will this man provide the means to enlightenment?]

DUNCAN: Tempe is leaving.

ALAN: Can we contact you again, Tempe?

TEMPE: Yes. But it is to be regarded as a major thing when you do.

ALAN: So that's only on special occasions, then?

DUNCAN: That's a 'yes'.

Temple closed without banishment.

005 – Advanced Aeonics

If you’re new to our site DON’T listen to this one – have a look around first – because the baptists are getting low-down and dirty with a technical discussion of the relationship between time, magical traditions and the process of enlightenment.

R?ne Gu?non

Alan holds forth. Duncan says yeah and ‘kay a lot, but asks some sticky questions that almost make Alan pause for breath.

traditionalists, degenerates and the genuine tradition • genuine tradition is not defined by practices and cultures • degeneracy in Thelema and Chaos Magic • the features of degeneracy • pseudo traditions and counter traditions • the qualitative nature of time • the appropriation of genuine traditions and the new age movement • how to identify genuine tradition • above rationality • magick and enlightenment • the practices in genuine tradition • Chaos Magic as a pseudo tradition • how to choose a tradition • how to tell it’s working for you • synchronicities and enlightenment • aeonics is the qualitative nature of time • the qualitative and quantitative axes of time • epochs are the expression of the quality of time • aboriginal dreamtime • René Guénon on quality, quantity and the manifest universe • the approach of uniformity • degeneracy and ‘free will’ • rationality • Ken Wilber and the notion of progress • ‘to act or not to act?’ • whatever we do or don’t do is part of the quality of time • Descartes and rationalism • mechanism and materialism • solidification of the universe • science and the dissolution of the world • 2012: the return of the qualitative • degeneration within religion • Catholicism, Protestantism and degeneracy • the great chain of being • a short history of magic from Moses • the genuine tradition hidden in the West • the new cycle and the re-emergence of genuine tradition • a species-wide fruition • counter-initiate parodies of enlightenment • Jung, psychoanalysis and pseudo traditions • beware the UFOs!

We’ve been quiet on the podcast front since Shawn’s decision to repatriate himself to one of Her Britannic Majesty’s former colonies. We still miss him… We never met anyone who had a way with demons like our Shawn… But we’re searching for ways to up our game and bounce back with loads more podcasts.

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The LAM Workshop: A Dialogue

On March 10th, 2007, we attended a workshop given by Michael Staley of the Typhonian O.T.O. on how to work with the entity known as 'LAM'. Before you go any further (if you haven't already) now would be a good time to read Alan's previous article, 'The Origin of LAM'.

ALAN: I have a prejudice: I expect magicians who belong to the O.T.O. or other Crowley-based orders to talk a lot about magick, but do very little. This prejudice is based on experience. I've had a number of unfortunate encounters with Thelemites who are 'working with currents above the abyss' or 'destined to start a new order'.

DUNCAN: I was doubtful too… There we were, in a basement near Covent Garden, sitting cross-legged in a circle, evoking a snake that would travel up our spines, jettison out our heads, and sport among the stars – or, more specifically, the constellation Serpens. Have I really resigned my job to do this? I was thinking. I'm fucking insane. And then I started to think: What would my Dad say, if he saw me? But despite the usual doubt, I was enjoying myself.

ALAN: I could tell. You were hissing in my ear… My impetus for attending the workshop was simple curiosity; like you, I'd tried the method given of invoking LAM given in The LAM Statement, and was interested to see what other methods had been developed, if any, by the Typhonian O.T.O.

The portrait of LAMDUNCAN: Crowley never refers to LAM in any detail in any of his writings, so LAM obviously didn't mean much to him. Yet here was a roomful of people evoking and worshipping a dwarf with a planetoid for a head, because one person to whom LAM meant a lot was Kenneth Grant, founder of the Typhonian O.T.O. Apparently, in 1945, Crowley donated the portrait of LAM to Grant, after Grant obligingly popped out to fetch Crowley some heroin for a particularly nasty asthma attack. (So that's what they put in those blue inhalers…) Obviously, it's in Grant's interest to make as big a deal out of the portrait as possible. All this stuff about "an extraterrestrial drawn by Crowley from life" comes to us purely through Grant's report of what Crowley said. Grant had had his eye on that portrait for a while, supposedly, but Crowley didn't want to give it up. Reportedly, Crowley suggested to Grant both that the portrait was of (or connected with) Aiwass (Crowley's Holy Guardian Angel, which dictated The Book of the Law in 1904); and an extraterrestrial entity that had interfered with the progress of the so-called 'Amalantrah Working'. But the record of the Amalantrah Working that comes down to us is conspicuously incomplete. Nowhere in it is 'LAM' mentioned, so if LAM were a part of this working he must've appeared in the later, unrecorded portions.

ALAN: Yeah, and the first part of the workshop covered all that stuff in a very well-researched talk on the background. I was surprised that Michael Staley included Crowley's retreat on Esopus Island as part of the Amalantrah Working, and considered LAM to be a composite portrait of the motifs involved in Roddie Minor's visions during this working. He also recounted Crowley's past life as a disciple of Lao Tzu, and even mentioned the '49' in the corner of the portrait – although he believed it was some kind of script. (I bit my tongue.) I had arrived at the workshop nursing a hangover, and so struggled to maintain concentration throughout most of the talk; but a copy of the Tao Te Ching on the altar, and the mention of someone sharing my name in relation to an Austin Osman Spare original that adorned the wall, had piqued my interest.

DUNCAN: When the Amalantrah communications had ended, Crowley spent his time on Esopus re-writing the standard English translation of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching. This activity, plus some intense drug-fuelled yoga sessions, led to a devastating mystical experience that Crowley found too harrowing to describe in writing. Ahem, allow me to quote:

[A]n initiation so stupendous that I dare not hint at its Word. It is the supreme secret of a Magus, and it is so awful that I tremble even now… quoted in Richard Kaczynski, Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (Tempe, Arizona: New Falcon, 2002), p.261.

It was around this time that the portrait of LAM was painted. Now, I did some work with LAM a while back, on the assumption he was an extraterrestrial agency. (I had an idea he was more like some Philip K. Dickian 'machine intelligence', beaming back messages from the future.) I used Grant's prescribed method of gazing at the portrait, meditating on the eyes, then entering into the head of LAM and gazing out again through his eyes. This hadn't yielded much, except for darkness. And deep silence. And the notion of a black sea that I was supposed to cross. Oh – and he told me to wear an ankh around my neck, which I did, but this didn't lead anywhere much, apart from helping overcome my inhibitions regarding male jewellery. 

ALAN: Staley didn't really get much either out of the standard LAM method, nor from working with LAM as an entity; and in light of this, his group have developed the LAM Serpent Sadhana. In other words, they've stuck LAM's massive noggin on the Kundalini snake. The Sadhana consists of raising the 'LAM Serpent' up the spine, one chakra at a time. So they see LAM as a process or a 'gateway' (as they were fond of saying) as opposed to a 'being'. I thought this was very interesting, considering I believe LAM to be a portrait of Lao Tzu. The fact that the Typhonian O.T.O. stress developing work with LAM, instead of simply rehashing the belief that LAM is a 'grey' alien, has gone a little to addressing my Thelemite prejudice. Granted, a few remarks seemed a little naïve, like the idea that a certain 'atmosphere' must be generated within a ritual or the magick will not work, but it wouldn't surprise me if in fifty years time the Typhonian O.T.O. were the only Thelemite organisation still going. Things became interesting when we first tried the Sadhana. I don't know if my hangover had anything to do with it, but I actually experienced physical sensations when activating my chakras using the respective bija (or 'seed') mantras.

DUNCAN: Overall, for me, it was perplexing. Equating LAM with a cosmic state of consciousness derived from the transition up the spinal column of an energy-force symbolised as a snake, robs LAM of his identity. In that case he's just another name for kundalini! The LAM Serpent Sadhana was pretty much like a kundalini yoga session, a lot more wordy, not as challenging, but with much better incense and a nice glass of wine afterwards.

ALAN: For me, the most remarkable ev
ent occurred when the snake reached the middle of my brow, or Ajna Chakra. Now, I know this is either going to sound like bullshit, or some kind of bad joke, but make of it what you will. I had a vision of a very old, thin Chinese man; looking quite pleased with himself, despite the fact his orange robes were far too big for him. Wherever he was, it was sunny, surrounded by trees, and with a monastery close by. The vision couldn't have lasted longer than a couple of seconds. In many cases, I've often been left uncertain as to whether or not what I've 'seen' is a genuine vision or the product of 'lust of result'. I can say, quite emphatically, this was the most certain vision I have ever had. It should be noted that I don't know for sure who the Chinese man was, and although I'm tempted to think it was Lao Tzu, this wasn't imparted in the vision. More importantly, by the end of the exercise, my hangover was greatly reduced.

DUNCAN: I'm more confused about LAM than ever. I evoked him preliminary to my HGA work, at a time when you had already started on the HGA path, and triggered that absolutely mad web of synchronicities that made LAM seem relevant to both of us. LAM, to me, was a 'token HGA' before I understood what an HGA was. Maybe the blackness indicated I wasn't ready at that time for what I was groping towards. Contacting LAM was like trying to tune into a channel that wasn't yet on the air… Or then again, maybe that 'black sea' is a message concerning something that will only make sense now I'm on the other side of the abyss; something that might occur now that I've attained contact with the HGA…?

ALAN: Like you, I couldn't help feeling at first as though LAM had become pretty pointless; why bother sticking his head on the kundalini snake, when you can get the same results without it? However, that night I had very strange dreams indeed: robots made out of buildings, something to do with galaxies and stars, visiting my old house in the future and examining the brick work, and a name or phrase that kept forcefully presenting itself until I woke up and realised it was 'Hadit'. I then spent the rest of the day experiencing déjà vu. In the past, I considered writing a 'Lao Tzu Statement', mostly just for a laugh. But it appears as though working with LAM has necessarily led the Typhonian O.T.O. LAM Lodge to a Taoist approach; indeed, Staley very much equates the HGA and the Aeon of MA'AT (let's not go there) with the Tao. For me, LAM has become the embodiment of the Tao from a particularly Thelemic perspective. Crowley's 'Taoist period' occurred during his grade as Magus, which relates to sphere 2 or Chokmah on the Tree of Life, as does the Tao and Hadit. As such, I've come to consider the LAM Serpent Sadhana as quite a profound magical practice; instead of the pointless mishmash of genuine eastern technique and ridiculous western myth it superficially appears to be.

DUNCAN: I'm still wondering, uneasily, about that devastating realisation that Crowley had in 1918, around the same time he painted that enigmatic portrait… Is that what LAM's got in store for us? I also find it interesting that Michael Staley connects the whole notion of 'extra-terrestrialism' with mystical states of non-duality. In other words, LAM represents 'cosmic consciousness' rather than an alien literally from outer-space.

ALAN: I've been thinking about joining the Typhonian O.T.O.

DUNCAN: Are you going to?

ALAN: Not after you told me they drink each other's man-batter, no.


POSTSCRIPT: Regarding my 'Hadit' dream, I discovered the following quotes in Chapter 2 of The Book of the Law. The speaker is Hadit:

22. I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness…

26. I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy. If I lift up my head, I and my Nuit are one.

In his confessions, Crowley claims the Tao or Way is the attainment of all magical traditions, and the Ankh is a symbol of this in the sense that it is a sandal strap. Indeed, under the LAM portrait in The Voice of Silence, Crowley states:

LAM is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path… 

Does LAM's apparent instruction to Duncan to wear an Ankh around his neck further indicate LAMs synonymity with the Tao, especially as this occured well before any Lao Tzu connection was made? I think maybe LAM was being metaphorical; you must become the Treader of the Path, rather than a gangsta.

004 – The Limits of Chaos

Is traditionalist magic simply ‘mysticism’? What’s wrong with ‘mysticism’ anyway? The Baptists get vocal against the materialist current in contemporary magic.

magic for material ends • the poverty of contemporary magic • how to gain your immortal soul • Gurdjieff and surplus energy • alchemy and mortal gods • why magic is not for everyone • the retreat into religion • techniques as ‘roadmaps’ • why no map is big enough • finding the right direction • fear of work • ‘I was going to have a wank anyway’ • re-reading Liber Null • models of self-development • the North American emphasis • Phil Farber and NLP • the retreat into traditionalism • pre- versus post-conventional magic • taking the best from traditional and post-modern magic • faith in the model • a Buddhist model • some unavoidable semantics: ‘belief’ or ‘faith’? • the Christian Fundamentalist paradigm • the aim becomes the process • beyond ideas • enlightenment • the process is the teacher

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003 – Results in Magic

In this episode we charge head-on into the tricky question of what constitutes a ‘result’ in magical work.

definition of ‘paranormal’ • the question of cause and effect • is magic ‘testable’? • David Hume and causality • causality is an illusion! • synchronicity and divination • causality or meaning? • magic as re-programming of the psyche • explanation versus experience • a ritual of expulsion with unexpected results • magic that ‘delays the inevitable’ • changing the mind of a twat • magic for world peace • Regardie and the energy model • alchemy and the hero • matching your magic to the strength of the problem • energy or meaning? • myths about chaos magic • magic with paranormal results • go on, levitate your telly! • the pointlessness of a paranormal intent • magic that shifts the whole universe • dhyana and the paranormal • a process of universal enlightenment • Gurdjieff and the external shock • ‘one is next to zero’ • life without end (or beginning) • Einstein and the collective unconscious • dead again? • impersonal reincarnation • Alan talks shit • Duncan vomits • Shawn changes the subject.

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