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Three Steps To Heaven: How to Practice Magick

An introduction to magick broken down into three steps: the development of magical competency, the gaining of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, and the process of initiation, which begins with a magical event known as ‘Crossing the Abyss’.

Read online, or download a copy for free (PDF file, 470Kb), or you might prefer the printer friendly version (PDF file, 72Kb).

The Camel Rides Again: A Primer in Magick

In six short chapters and one appendix, this book strips down magick to its barest essentials. To beginners, it offers a basic understanding of what magick is and how it can be worked. To more advanced practitioners, it offers an exciting new perspective on the definition of magick, and its relationship to personal enlightenment.

Enjoy! Beautiful paper copies are also available for purchase worldwide, or you can download your own PDF copy for free (361Kb). You might also like this plainer text version (PDF file, 159Kb)