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Advanced Magick for Beginners – Book Launch Coverage


Alan’s book Advanced Magick for Beginners was given a thorough launching last Thursday night at The Atlantis Bookshop in Museum Street, London, the city’s oldest occult bookseller.

Geraldine Beskin, the charming and dauntingly erudite proprietrix of Atlantis, played host to a diverse audience of occultists in the function room below the shop where Crowley and Spare themselves, in all likelihood, once enjoyed wine and nibbles.

Among the attendees were arch chaos magician Peter Mastin; the mysterious managing director of Aeon Books (the book’s publisher; referred to henceforth as ‘The Publisher’); and there was also a live telephone link-up with The Kite, who rang to deliver congratulations from his distant western abode.

Alan holds forth.

Despite the wide variety of magical traditions represented among the audience, all were agreed that Advanced Magick for Beginners offers a fresh approach and an intriguing challenge to the practice of magick in the twenty-first century.

Listen to Alan’s introductory talk.

Download MP3 file.

Alan describes the development of the book and its solution to the dead-end of postmodern magick. The recording also includes contributions from Geraldine Beskin, Peter Mastin, and The Publisher.

006 – The Baptists Meet Dave Lee

Alan and Duncan talk with Dave Lee, one of the world’s foremost chaos magicians, about his views on metaphysics and the Northern Tradition of magick.

Dave Lee

Check out the strange clicking noises that occur when Dave begins to speak about ‘fourth-level weirdness’ (i.e. poltergeist phenomena). The sounds were not apparent in the room, but seem to originate in the recording device. They fade in and fade away again as Dave relates a strangely appropriate anecdote. Our recorder has never played up like this before, and thankfully hasn’t done so since…

Shortly after recording the podcast we heard from Dave that two computers at his home had mysteriously stopped working within a week. (I think we’ll be waiting a while until we expose our equipment to Dave for a second time…)

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Interview With The Witch

'Raven Woman', by Raven.

Duncan talks with Raven, an eclectic witch, about the influence on her life of paranormal experiences and Spiritualism.

childhood experiences • Raven’s astral-projecting mother • curse of the Toby jugs • head of a white horse • Roman remains • visits from spirits • a room shunned by pets • choked by a ghost • yoga and a first out-of-body experience • a grounding in the Spiritualist Church • Raven the weirdo magnet • trance mediums and channelling • ‘the nine who are one’ • dead people and psychic links • astounding mediums (and wannabes) • Raven’s first reading from a Spiritualist • why Christians can’t do death • why the Spiritualists have death sorted • rescue work and the cold zone • ‘I am a sceptic!’ • alien abduction is 95% bollocks • Betty and Barney Hill • Roswell • Spiritualist healing: cheaper than Reiki • the joy of hauntings • an astral rottweiler • the containing function of ritual • a haunted attic • invasion of the paranormal • a bodily reflex • ‘I’m not clairvoyant’ • fight or flight • is spirit ‘objectively real’? • this pathetic shell • magicians as ‘crime-scene witnesses’ • putting a handle on ‘the other’

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005 – Advanced Aeonics

If you’re new to our site DON’T listen to this one – have a look around first – because the baptists are getting low-down and dirty with a technical discussion of the relationship between time, magical traditions and the process of enlightenment.

R?ne Gu?non

Alan holds forth. Duncan says yeah and ‘kay a lot, but asks some sticky questions that almost make Alan pause for breath.

traditionalists, degenerates and the genuine tradition • genuine tradition is not defined by practices and cultures • degeneracy in Thelema and Chaos Magic • the features of degeneracy • pseudo traditions and counter traditions • the qualitative nature of time • the appropriation of genuine traditions and the new age movement • how to identify genuine tradition • above rationality • magick and enlightenment • the practices in genuine tradition • Chaos Magic as a pseudo tradition • how to choose a tradition • how to tell it’s working for you • synchronicities and enlightenment • aeonics is the qualitative nature of time • the qualitative and quantitative axes of time • epochs are the expression of the quality of time • aboriginal dreamtime • René Guénon on quality, quantity and the manifest universe • the approach of uniformity • degeneracy and ‘free will’ • rationality • Ken Wilber and the notion of progress • ‘to act or not to act?’ • whatever we do or don’t do is part of the quality of time • Descartes and rationalism • mechanism and materialism • solidification of the universe • science and the dissolution of the world • 2012: the return of the qualitative • degeneration within religion • Catholicism, Protestantism and degeneracy • the great chain of being • a short history of magic from Moses • the genuine tradition hidden in the West • the new cycle and the re-emergence of genuine tradition • a species-wide fruition • counter-initiate parodies of enlightenment • Jung, psychoanalysis and pseudo traditions • beware the UFOs!

We’ve been quiet on the podcast front since Shawn’s decision to repatriate himself to one of Her Britannic Majesty’s former colonies. We still miss him… We never met anyone who had a way with demons like our Shawn… But we’re searching for ways to up our game and bounce back with loads more podcasts.

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Magical Primer Part 6: The Culture of Experiencing Truth

In the concluding part of Alan’s Magical Primer series, we take a look at magic as culture, the implications of the magical act and the role of tradition.

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For a free book based on the transcripts of the Magical Primer series, please see The Camel Rides Again: A Primer in Magick.


Magical Primer Part 5: How to believe

In this episode, Alan clarifies the magical technique of belief shifting, dispels some myths about what is possible with belief and provides practical instructions for making your universe a wonderful place.

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For a free book based on the transcripts of the Magical Primer series, please see The Camel Rides Again: A Primer in Magick.


Outside Broadcast No. 1: Ghosts and Wiccans

Look! Orbs! (What do you mean: 'Where?')Duncan takes his microphone on a tour of some haunted vaults in Edinburgh, then dances with Pagans and Wiccans in Central London.

Download MP3 file.

* * *

The photograph opposite shows the ‘orbs’ we captured on film. Yes, those pixellated specks (highlighted inside the red circles) prove definitively that you will not die, but shall enjoy life eternal!

If you’re interested in the Edinburgh vaults and the City of the Dead, then tours run regularly throughout the year. The London Beltane Bash is an annual event.