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Magical Primer Part 1: The Science of Experiencing Truth

The first part of Alan’s introduction to magic, where he discusses the raison d’etre of magic and how to go about becoming a magician.

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For a free book based on the transcripts of the Magical Primer series, please see The Camel Rides Again: A Primer in Magick.


004 – The Limits of Chaos

Is traditionalist magic simply ‘mysticism’? What’s wrong with ‘mysticism’ anyway? The Baptists get vocal against the materialist current in contemporary magic.

magic for material ends • the poverty of contemporary magic • how to gain your immortal soul • Gurdjieff and surplus energy • alchemy and mortal gods • why magic is not for everyone • the retreat into religion • techniques as ‘roadmaps’ • why no map is big enough • finding the right direction • fear of work • ‘I was going to have a wank anyway’ • re-reading Liber Null • models of self-development • the North American emphasis • Phil Farber and NLP • the retreat into traditionalism • pre- versus post-conventional magic • taking the best from traditional and post-modern magic • faith in the model • a Buddhist model • some unavoidable semantics: ‘belief’ or ‘faith’? • the Christian Fundamentalist paradigm • the aim becomes the process • beyond ideas • enlightenment • the process is the teacher

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Crossing the Abyss Part 1: How to cross the abyss and what to expect

The first of Alan’s two part solo podcast dealing with crossing the abyss. Part 1 will tell you what crossing the abyss means, how to go about it and how to recognise the abyss when it creeps up on you.

A transcript of this podcast is available.

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003 – Results in Magic

In this episode we charge head-on into the tricky question of what constitutes a ‘result’ in magical work.

definition of ‘paranormal’ • the question of cause and effect • is magic ‘testable’? • David Hume and causality • causality is an illusion! • synchronicity and divination • causality or meaning? • magic as re-programming of the psyche • explanation versus experience • a ritual of expulsion with unexpected results • magic that ‘delays the inevitable’ • changing the mind of a twat • magic for world peace • Regardie and the energy model • alchemy and the hero • matching your magic to the strength of the problem • energy or meaning? • myths about chaos magic • magic with paranormal results • go on, levitate your telly! • the pointlessness of a paranormal intent • magic that shifts the whole universe • dhyana and the paranormal • a process of universal enlightenment • Gurdjieff and the external shock • ‘one is next to zero’ • life without end (or beginning) • Einstein and the collective unconscious • dead again? • impersonal reincarnation • Alan talks shit • Duncan vomits • Shawn changes the subject.

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002 – Ego Magic

This time round we take a quantum leap in podcasting quality to discuss my favourite subject – Me! Ingredients:

Gurdjieff’s horse and cart • Jesus and adultery •  the relationship between the body and the ego • society and status • balancing the self and the re-integration of transformational experience • what is ego magic? • belief shifting and ‘the lense’ • magic or therapy? • The Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel • all magic is ego magic • what is the ego? • Lacan and the Mirror Stage • the decision to do ego magic • the practicalities of working with the Holy Guardian Angel • the nature of the Holy Guardian Angel • protection through automatic drawing • is that a demon fucking with your head? • binding your demons • the conclusion

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001 – Wealth Magic

It’s our very first podcast, but we hit the ground running, exploring ideas and techniques for making money with magic.

The distinction between being wealthy and being rich •  Hyatt, Carroll and Anton Wilson on wealth • why more magicians aren’t rich • Jose Silva • how money can ruin you • MC Hammer • magicians who want to be rich should be • money and freedom • money and meaning • how the Baptists make their dosh • the importance of intention and will • fitting in with the universe • Gurdjieff, Crowley and “true will” • putting parts of the ego to use •  a goetic demon bungs a Baptist some wonga • conjuring a contract from an evil multinational • tapping Ganesha for cash • using the I Ching to win on the doggies.

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