English Qaballah Calculator

An instance of The English Qaballah Calculator (EQC) is now available. Many thanks to Florian for hosting this (and for the bugfix too!).

We have released the source code for the EQC onto GitHub, so anyone with the know-how can grow their own version.

Our hope is that techno mages will spawn multiple versions of the EQC and develop the application into something more extensive and beautiful.

If you decide to take up this challenge, be sure to send us a link to any version of the EQC that you host or develop, and we’ll link back to your masterpiece from this page.

Oddly, the greatest number of queries we receive concern English Qaballah and its use. Although our approach has worked well for us (and continues to do so) we recognise there is nothing special about our system. We encourage everyone to experiment and discover what works best for them. Alan describes how he arrived at his version of the English Qaballah in The Origin of the Order & Value of the English Alphabet.