The Basics

What is magick?

Magick is the art, science and culture of experiencing truth.

What does that mean?

Magick is the art of experiencing truth. In other words, you can choose any experience (say, dancing around in your underpants), decide what that experience will mean (‘It will rain’), undergo the experience (perform the dance), thus rendering the given meaning true (it will rain, because you have experienced the fact ‘it will rain’. Experience is the truth). See Ritual Magick and Sigil Magick for more on this. What can be experienced using magick is limited only by your imagination (the subjective), but how that experience manifests is limited by the available means of manifestation (the objective).

Magick is the science of experiencing truth. The truth isn’t simply an idea, nor is it found in the relative or arbitrary nature of ideas; truth is experiential, and the practice of magick will lead you to an understanding of existence based on direct experience, not speculation. By its very nature, life is revelatory and so more incredible than any word or idea we can ascribe to it. You need only perform the experiment and corroborate this for yourself!

Magick is the culture of experiencing truth. Magick necessarily includes sociological and ethical implications, whether they are consciously addressed or not. These range from what magical tradition, aesthetic, teaching or approach you ascribe to, to ethical questions such as: do you use magick just for yourself, close friends or the whole community? Do you evangelise magick, or do you practice in secret? Do you really want to try and maintain relationships with supposed friends who ridicule you for practicing the Black Arts? Should you find like-minded people for corroboration of experiences, the exchange of ideas, moral support and a god-damn fun and exciting time?

Magick is not simply a method of manifesting material results, nor is meditation simply mysticism. There is no distinction between Western and Eastern methods of experiencing the truth; there is, and always has been, only one movement, one school, and one aim; in the West, we know it as Magick.

For a more indepth discussion of the definition of magick, see the Magical Primer podcast series and our free ebook The Camel Rides Again! A Primer in Magick.

What will I get from practicing magick?

1). What you want, in terms of materialism (sex, money, power, etc);
2). What you want, in terms of spirituality (enlightenment).

Sounds good. Where do I start?

Perform the Support Practices everyday:

Then when you’re ready for it, it’s time for the core practice of magick, known also as The Knowledge and Communication of the Holy Guardian Angel.