Basics 10: Astral Travel


Every intentional act is an act of magic. The practice of magic is therefore the exercise and growth of conscious awareness, an expansion of the self in all directions and on all levels of experience.

One such level of experience is the imagination, or astral plane. The magician possesses an imaginary body, which inhabits an imaginary world with its own specific rules, flora and fauna.

The Point

  1. An expansion of the self.
  2. A greater awareness of the environment of the imagination and its peculiar laws and nature.
  3. The ability to perform acts of magic in a virtually unbound medium.
  4. The ability to have experiences otherwise impossible in the physical realm.

The Technique

  1. Lie down and relax.
  2. Become aware of your imaginary body. Although you are essentially imagining the body, there should be an element of allowing the sensations of the astral body to arise.
  3. Now move around in your imagined form, see with your imaginary eyes, hear with your imaginary ears, etc.

For some, astral travel comes easy, but for a lot of people it can be quite difficult. If at this point you are struggling to ‘leave’ the physical body and sense with your imaginary senses, there is only one possible course of action – practice! Some find it useful to move a physical limb, remember what the physical sensation felt like, and then use that memory as basis for moving the corresponding astral limb, as an exercise in slowly building up the astral form.
However, I very much believe in simply repeating the above exercise – usually, the ‘knack’ is suddenly gained and the problems vanish.

  1. Explore! However, be cautious – not all astral beings are who they say they are, and not all beings mean well. It is prudent to have a good banishing ritual under your belt. If you wish to gain a greater understanding of a certain idea, travel to its astral abode. For instance, if you wish to explore Malkuth on the Tree of Life, you can create a door with the necessary attributes (such as the appropriate colour, symbol, and material peculiar to Malkuth) to take you there.
  2. Be sure to return your astral body to your physical body at the end of the practice – who knows what might happen to it left unattended…


A good half hour everyday until basic competency is achieved (i.e. you always experience the astral plane and yourself from a first person perspective, and the body of light is good and solid). Then explore as often as is required.

Expected Results

Mastery of the astral plane.