Basics 11: Rising on the Planes


Enlightenment is possible through any plane or level of experience.

The Point

  1. An expansion of the self.
  2. The experience of trance states, mystical visions and the process of enlightenment.

The Technique

  1. Lie down and relax.
  2. Become aware of your imaginary body. Although you are essentially imagining the body, there should be an element of allowing the sensations of the astral body to arise.
  3. Once in your astral body (this should be mastered before attempting this practice), rise upwards in a straight line.
  4. Do not stop rising. The aim of the game is to continue rising in your astral body, regardless of what may be seen, heard or experienced until you either a). lose consciousness from exhaustion or b). experience a desired result.
  5. Once you wake up, record what occured.


Once a day.

Expected Results

A plethora of wonderful mystical events. With dedicated practice, you can expect engagement with the process of enlightenment.