Basics 4: Inclusive Awareness


The truth about existence must be inherent in existence itself. Therefore, if we are to understand existence, we must first let ourselves be aware of it.

The Point

To experience the truth, or what is often referred to as enlightenment.

The Practice

1). Sit down;
2). Be aware of what you are experiencing. Let thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations arise and pass away of their own accord. If a sensation arises that you find displeasing (such as thinking about what is on television, or a very annoying tune you heard on the radio earlier that won’t stop going around your head) do not attempt to exclude that sensation. Just be aware of it. This goes for any sensations that might make up the experience of trying to be aware.
3). It might help to achieve the correct attitude by choosing a random body part and allowing yourself to experience the sensations that make up that body part as they arise. Let the sensations ‘come to you’. Once this is mastered, you need only apply the same attitude to all sensations.


Minimum of half an hour everyday.

Expected Results

Gradually, subtle sensations such as a feeling of ‘self’ or the passing of time may appear in your awareness that you may not have been aware of before. This is a good indication of progress. However, don’t forget to adopt the correct attitude with any thoughts of progress too.
The result of this practice is enlightenment.


The practice of Inclusive Awareness sets a process in motion. Whereas Exclusive Concentration engenders states, Inclusive Awareness takes you through stages. I highly recommend the study of as many magical developmental models as possible, including: Buddhist Insight Progress, Western Qabalah (A.’.A.’.), Alchemy, and the Zen Ten Ox herding pictures. As a process, enlightenment is ongoing, and therefore Inclusive Awareness should be practiced for life.