Basics 5: Ritual Magick


You are responsible for your reality.

The Point

To get what you want.

The Practice

1). Think of something that you want to occur;
2). Invent a ritual. This can be absolutely anything at all, but if you need somewhere to start, obtain items to use as representations of the people or objects involved with your desired outcome, and act out that outcome. For instance, if your desire is ‘S.M. will change her mind and decide to give me the pay rise I asked for’, you might use an inflated balloon to represent her head, which you pop as a representation of her ‘changing her mind’. You can find many examples of ritual magick in our Grimoire;
3). Decide that your ritual means the same thing as your statement;
4). Perform the ritual;
5). Wait for the result.

Expected Results

Sometime after the act, your desire will manifest in the form of a synchronicity; so if your desire is ‘I will get laid’, you might find yourself hounded by a rotund monster at a party, who manages to corner you in the bathroom as your friends suddenly disappear. Which brings me nicely to my next point. The gospel is: ‘you get what you ask for’. So when you state your desire, do not say: ‘I want to have sex’. You will simply find yourself working instantaneous magic (i.e. you will want to have sex). You need to state what you actually want to occur – like: ‘I will win at the races’. It pays to be specific – for instance, ‘I will have sex with a beautiful lady’ would have been a more prudent example than ‘I will get laid’.