Basics 8: Entity Work


One of the most rewarding fields of magical practice is interaction with non-human intelligences, or working with spirits and gods. This can take many forms, from creating your own entities to practicing a religion.

The Point

To make some interesting friends, learn about the nature of Deity, and get what you want you want.

The Technique

Working with spirits, gods or other entities, is very simple:  you decide to. Like this:

  1. Decide why you want to work with an entity (this can be anything from a specific reason like wanting to increase your wealth, to just plain curiosity).
  2. Pick an appropriate entity (so if you wanted to perform some magick related to love, an appropriate goddess to work with might be Venus. There is also no reason you can’t pick the spirit of someone who has died to work with, like an ancestor). [1]
  3. Choose a representation of the entity to work with; this could be physical (like a painting or statue – either bought or made by yourself), or imagined (by visualising the entity’s form – what does it look like/smell like/sound like?).

Alternatively, if you know it, you can just work with the entity’s sigil or seal in place of the entities actual form.

Remember: if you choose to visualise the entity, it doesn’t mean you are not addressing a real intelligence; what you experience is the truth.

  1. Now talk to him or her. If you don’t know what to say, consider how you would talk to any stranger. Be polite and friendly.
  2. If you know what the entity likes, give him or her an offering, and in return ask for help with whatever problem may be at hand. It feels silly to have to say this, but remember: if you want to interact with the entity, you must decide to interact with the entity, by doing it.

Offerings can take many forms, such as food, flowers, alcohol, tobacco, art works and even breath. Two of the most ‘powerful’ offerings, that entities from all walks of life seem to prize above all others, are blood and sex.

Offering blood does not require amputation or murder (disappointing, I know) – a single drop of blood extracted via a sterilised lancet and dabbed on the entities representation will suffice.

Similarly, in the case of a sexual sacrifice, an orgy isn’t necessary (but if you’re going to be at one anyway, what the hell?). Simply anointing the entity with sexual fluids from a dedicated act of masturbation is adequate.

It must be stressed that both blood and sex sacrifices should only be used in extreme cases – they guarantee exceptional results, but if used frequently some spirits will expect nothing less in the future – and then where do you go from there?

  1. Once you’ve said everything you need to say, thank the entity and say goodbye.
  2. It is customary to perform a banishing ritual here.

Expected Results

It must be remembered that non-human intelligences can only communicate through what is available – if you don’t have great visionary ability, don’t expect the entity to pop up and shake your hand.

If all you do is address the entity, give an offering, ask for help and give thanks, without any visible manifestation or a booming voice or objects floating around your room, the magick will still work (unless, of course, you’re rude and expect something for nothing).

If you want more than a one-way conversation, it can be prudent to offer a means of communication when working with a spirit, such as a divinatory device like a pendulum or Ouija board.  Another good means is to ask the entity to communicate with you through your dreams, or to allow the entity to manifest through your body (otherwise known as channelling, invocation or possession).

Unless an entity has a special interest in you (this does happen), it may take a while before the entity starts visiting you spontaneously or helping you out at times of need without being asked. This is when the real benefit of forming a relationship with a non-human intelligence becomes apparent. 

[1] If you choose an entity that would love to ruin your life and your mental well being, make sure you work with it in the traditional method, or with some other form of protection. As an example, there is a group of spirits known as the Goetia (to be found in The Lesser Key of Solomon The King) that traditionally require various names of God, a triangle for the spirit to be conjured into, and a circle for the magician to stand in, for the protection of the magician. I have encountered numerous magicians who think such protection is superfluous, their argument usually being ‘other cultures don’t need protection to interact with their spirits.’ But that’s because their spirits aren’t the Goetia. It is true that many African / Carribean / Brazilian traditions (such as Quimbanda or Voudon) interact with spirits that share similar names and seals with Goetic spirits, but these spirits are still not the Goetia. If you want to work with the Goetia, then work with the whole of the Goetia. If you work with the Goetic demons without protection, they will fuck you up. Badly. If you want to work with spirits the way ‘other traditions’ do, without protection, then work with spirits that do not require it.