Basics 9: The Qaballah


The universe is composed solely of ideas. The most elementary expression of an idea, and its relationship with other any other idea, is mathematical. The primary symbol system of the universe is therefore numerical, making it possible to attribute any phenomena whatsoever to an appropriate primary symbol.

The Point

  1. The provision of a mnemonic system without parallel.

  2. The ability to understand a phenomenon by its relationship to all other phenomena, similar or otherwise.

  3. To engage in an habitual contemplative method of reducing the many to the one: A system of gnana yoga.

  4. To greatly increase the phenomenon of intellectual realisation.

  5. A means of increasing the depth of meaning in the experience of synchronicity.

  6. The acquisition of a universal means of communication (especially handy when dealing with non-human intelligences) and a handy symbol set for use in ritual.

The Technique

  1. Choose a Qaballah: Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, GoN, etc.

  2. Develop a ‘Book of Numbers’. Write down every number from 0 to 1,000. Work out the numerical value of all of the ideas that are important to you (using the Qaballah you have chosen), and write them next to the corresponding number. Add words as and when necessary.

  3. Study the Tree of Life, and work out where each word in your ‘Book of Numbers’ belongs (for numbers over 10, a simple method of adding the digits together to produce the smallest number possible is useful. There are many more methods, and no doubt these will present themselves in the course of your study).

  4. Study all possible mathematical relationships, and ascertain what these relationships mean for the ideas you apply them to.

  5. Classify each phenomenon you experience in terms of the Tree, until it is habitual.


The study and use of the Qaballah should be a life long habit. It is only after prolonged practice that the real benefits of using the Qaballah come to fruition.

Expected Results

All the points made under ‘The Point’.

Note: The Qaballah does not ‘prove’ anything. The Qaballah is a perfect symbol system, capable of describing the totality of the universe, but it is not an objective science.

For instance, if I were to discover my name has the same numerical value as the word ‘Messiah’, it does not prove that I am the Messiah. The Qaballah is simply a demonstration of the relationship between symbols. The most I could say in this instance is that I am just as much God as the Messiah is, and that the Qaballah has provided a perfect symbolic expression of Immanance!